Apsara Conference 2022 | Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest certified partner was awarded the licens

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Apsara Conference 2022 on October 20, at the 2021 Hangzhou Apsara Conference 2022, Alibaba Cloud held a licensing ceremony for the first batch of certified partners of Computing Nest. Domestic ISV partners such as Hezhongchang Technology and international ISV partners such as Avaya, Fortinet, CheckPoint, F5, Memverge, Paloalto, and Radware have obtained license certification. Through Computing Nest, the partners have completed the deep integration with Alibaba Cloud platform. This is also the first collective appearance of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest service certification partners Apsara Conference 2022.
Picture: A group photo of some ISV delegates at the Apsara Conference 2022 Conference
Compared with the traditional software model, PaaS/SaaS software based on cloud computing has the advantages of flexible deployment, rapid iteration, online business, and support for subscription-based pay-as-you-go, which can help SMEs reduce the investment threshold and enjoy digital agility equally. technology dividends. At the same time, in the post-epidemic era, enterprises will pursue more efficient operation and management models, which will also promote the further prosperity of the SaaS/PaaS market Apsara Conference 2022.
However, how to deploy enterprise software in the cloud, how to play the value of cloud computing in solutions, how to ensure the security and privacy of user data, and how to effectively share and connect data are still great challenges. In particular, the business systems of medium and large enterprise customers tend to choose independent deployment rather than multi-tenancy. Whether it is the complexity of early delivery or the cost of subsequent operation and maintenance, the business operation cost of enterprises is high, and it is difficult to achieve large-scale replication.
At the meeting, Wang Zhikun, head of Alibaba Cloud's elastic computing product, delivered a keynote speech on "Computing Nest, a New Engine for Enterprise Application Cloudification". The needs of customers vary greatly, so we have accumulated some experience. The ultimate test of enterprise services is product capabilities and customer satisfaction. Alibaba Cloud hopes to output cloud platform capabilities accumulated over the years and understanding of enterprise services through Computing Nest, so that the ISV partners get the same integration experience as Alibaba Cloud products, help ISV partners solve the pain points encountered on the road of cloud transformation, and become a new engine for partners to build technological advantages and business development."

Apsara Conference 2022 as the world's leading provider of enterprise communications and contact center solutions, Avaya, because the enterprise office and contact center scenarios are complex, even if it is deployed through the cloud, there are problems of a long implementation cycle and high difficulty in daily operation and maintenance Apsara Conference 2022. After connecting to the computing nest, Avaya related product components realize one-click deployment and automatic operation and maintenance, which greatly improves the speed of its customers to develop new services in the cloud, shortens the deployment time by 80%, and greatly reduces the risk of system operation.

Fortinet is a global leader in security-driven networks. Relying on the automated service delivery and deployment capabilities provided by Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, Fortinet further accelerates the automation of network threat detection and response, ensures cloud network security, and improves security operation efficiency. Before connecting to Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, it may take a few days for a user to deploy a complex enterprise-level architecture, and it is easy to make mistakes; after connecting to Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, the deployment time has been shortened from days to hours, while reducing The technical threshold for customers to fully use IaC (Infrastructure as code) in the cloud is reduced, and various configuration errors that may be caused by manual deployment are reduced Apsara Conference 2022.

Apsara Conference 2022 at present, dozens of ISV partners have accessed the computing nest platform, and more ISV partners are in the technology docking stage. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will work more closely with ISV partners to build an ecosystem on the cloud through Computing Nest, and work with partners to better serve customers Apsara Conference 2022.

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