Find your 83rd line of code

On April 18, a "Salute to Code, Find Your 83rd Line of Code" activity was launched on Alibaba's intranet. Tens of thousands of Ali people watched, and nearly 500 technical geeks posted codes and showed off their muscles. Even Xingdian, the chief technology officer of Alibaba, also posted the code of the COOKIE framework and CACHE framework he had written. Lu Su also showed the process of transitioning from PHP+mysql to JavaEE architecture when he joined the payment-Taobao project. code prototype.

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Why is it line 83?

In early April, in a "Little Black Room" conference room in Ali, five programmers with the ultimate pursuit of code participated in the final competition for the "Duolong Award", the highest honor in Ali's code field. As the first-generation programmer of Taobao, Duolong is also a god in the hearts of many technicians.

Duolong's focused eyes when reviewing the 83rd line of code is simply cool and handsome~

At the code review site that day, seeing the end of a code snippet, Duolong suddenly added a sentence and scrolled up to line 83. The code is usually a few hundred lines. When he saw it, he still remembered a slight flaw in line 83. This must be how he was in awe of the code.

"Technically blind" Peng Lei and Ma Yun also came to "post code"

Alibaba's technical partners have played to a new height of code sharing, some posted the first line of code and the latest code, some posted JVM code written in high school, and some recalled that this code once It was quickly reviewed by which great god. Some of the business codes that are running at the moment were written by a certain program Yuan in a certain year, and they are still stable and smooth at the moment. Some shared that a certain section contributed 325,000/second and The code for these two magic numbers of 256,000/sec.
In addition to the postcodes of the tech giants, Peng Lei, who was born as a liberal arts student and mocked herself as being "technically blind", also recalled that she wrote two lines of perl under the guidance of Zhou Yuehong in 1999, which attracted bursts of onlookers; even Ma Yun's father also Proud and ashamed to say: Jack Ma is a complete idiot when it comes to code. I am proud that we have so many talented engineers and programmers (source) in Ali. We work together to write the code for economic development, and we strive to write the future. Every line of code for the world's economic and social development. "
This code show, story show, and great talent show on Ali's intranet set off a cultural tide of code from statute to code sharing.

May 4th youth sunbathing, looking for your 83rd line

May 4th Youth Day, as a new generation of young people in the 70s, 80s and 90s, do you still remember the appearance of your original code? What does your "83rd line of code" look like, come and post it, and win a "Salute to the Code" T-shirt!

Borrow the handsome back of technical GG

We also invite big bulls and great gods in the industry to review the review~ You can also name @大牛 to comment on the review. In the end, netizens and big bulls will jointly select the 3 participants with the highest likes and big bull scores. Duolong presented the "Dolong Award" honorary certificate and trophy in the live broadcast room of the 2nd R&D Efficiency Carnival on May 29.

Click this "event channel" to immediately participate in the [Look for the 83rd line of code] activity~~ You will have the opportunity to get the 83-line code limited T-shirt worn by the little brother above!


Special Note

Wondering who will go to the final grand prize "Doron Award" of "Find Your 83 Lines"? On May 29th, the 2nd R&D Efficiency Carnival will broadcast the award ceremony live! CTO and Fliggy Future Hotel CTO will also share their technical thoughts at the carnival, and the all-weather technology festival is waiting for you! Click here to register for free!

When the Daniel is invited to post the code, let's see how their code is?

@Technology Fubei - Ali researcher, use a small demo program to explain how "cool" the closure in C++11/14 can be :-)
@lonely - The author of "Alibaba Java Development Manual (Official Edition)" wrote the code in his first year of employment, everyone hurry up to find out if there is any non-compliance
@floating recursion - full stack engineer, volunteer programmer for ten years of public welfare projects @floating recursion It's not enough to post the code twice, let's challenge
@大利马——Ali senior research and development, focusing on mobile client and front-end development.
@德哥 - Dege sent 3 codes in one breath (PS, Dege is the male god in the editor's heart, he coded the code and wrote the article)
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@program ape dd Well-known blogger, Spring Boot/Spring Cloud evangelist, spring4all community initiator. Know some front-end, understand some back-end, have done some management, done some operation and maintenance, planned some promotions, and loves to toss about everything.

They actually posted the code like this, everyone come and comment
1. @StoryOld Immortal - I have been playing since I started contacting the website until the 83rd line of the current website code. It is an ordinary line of code, there is no special place, but I can't help but remind myself of the original love and expectation, That was a little surprise and excitement when I first came into contact with code.

2. @黄一刀 - My 83 lines of code are comments

3. @小wxlaugh - I wrote a traffic statistic twelve years ago, and recently I want to change it and use it again, just open a class without any comments, can you understand it?

4. @海的云 - I feel that it should be the 83rd paragraph. Since I used Jupyter Notebook, all "code lines" have become "code segments", /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

5. @floating recursion - what? Actually exposed their own CSS naming is not standardized! No, I have to post another paragraph to prove it, sometimes it's standard ~ for example, the code near line 483!

6. @gfriend_24-initial code snippet (BMI calculation program code when getting started with Android development)

7. @Sanji - This is the code I wrote in 12 years...

8. @seabroadskyyy-The following is a test program I wrote to test the redis cluster

9. @Nicholas Ray - I read the development manual of Alibaba, and then I know how to optimize these codes, how to define variable names and so on.

10. @黄道长- directly on the code

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