Ali programmers have done a very important thing

My name is Gujin, and I am an Ali programmer.

If I say that I am a little bit different from ordinary programmers, maybe it is more axis. For example, I think JAVA is the best language in the world, no one.

Recently, I did another thing that compares axes.

I was ridiculed by everyone because of this. Someone also posted curiously: Who is Lonely? How dare you write technical specifications for the entire Ali Group?

Illustrator: Heber

a crazy idea

It started two years ago. Once, when I went to an inter-departmental meeting, I was driving, and suddenly I started to pinch.

The reason is that the two teams use different code specifications, but both want others to adopt their own. In the end, no one could convince anyone. One buddy screamed in anger, and another buddy wanted to jump on the table and perform a live performance and his chest was broken.

For a long time, although we programmers have all relied on martial arts to walk the rivers and lakes, but we stand on the top of the mountain.

Everyone's code specifications are different. I learn the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon, you learn toad kung fu, and there are people who beat me back with Piao Piao Quan, and don't play cards according to a "routine". It's okay to fight alone, but when it comes to fighting in groups, it is inevitable that some efficiency will be sacrificed because of the unification of the pace of "pushing".

Thinking of this, a bold idea popped up: why not make a unified specification so that everyone can reach a consensus!

The more I thought about this crazy idea, the more excited I became, and I immediately told the friends around me.

Everyone thinks the same as me, this idea is not only crazy, but also very unreliable. Code specifications are the cocoons of programmers who have been coding for many years. How can you change them!

Someone asked me, who gave you the courage, Liang Jingru's family? Some people say that specifications are not your KPIs! Move your bricks well (slang, referring to writing code).
photographer: all

The story of moving bricks

Don't say, I really moved bricks!

When I was in the second year of junior high school, I didn't go to class well, and I fought every day at school. Later, my father dragged me home, and after a heavy beating, let me go to the kiln near my home to move bricks.

After moving for more than half a year, a relative came to the house as a guest, gave me a look, and said, this baby brain is very useful, but it can't be used as a beam, only as a rafter, which is unbearable.

That sentence angered me, and later, I went to my father, and I wanted to go back to school. My father calmly told me that it's too late, accept your fate.

I don't recognize it, I don't recognize it if I kill it.

When I went back to school, others did it once, but I did it three times. The dorms were all asleep, and I was still reading with the flashlight on. In this way, from the last one in the grade, by the end of the term, I climbed to the last one hundred in the grade.

In our life, there will be someone who will tell you that this is too hard, don't do it.

At this time, you must say a word to yourself: It may be difficult for others, but I am not someone else.

Photographer: Kai Yi

After 99 failures

In March 2016, I published the first edition of "Alibaba Group JAVA Technical Specifications" on Alibaba ATA (Technical Student Huashan Lunjian Office).

There are some who feel good, and there are many who feel bad. Some people think that I am too daring, so I go to Zhihu to post, and ask who is Lonely, how dare I write technical specifications for the entire Ali Group?

Every time I get ridiculed by the group, I ask the aunt in the cafeteria to give me two more drumsticks at dinner to comfort myself. If there is criticism, it proves that there is concern, and if there is concern, there is hope.

At that time, department by department went to lobby, failed once, and tried a second time. If you fail 99 times, you have to try again, nothing else, just round up an integer.

Maybe it was because of sincerity, or maybe it was because of bad luck. Duolong, a technical expert in Ali, recommended my specifications, which was seen by a technical expert and sparked discussions in the industry.

Alibaba supports the world's most visited server cluster in the Java backend field; Alibaba's Double 11 system built with Java code has an order processing capacity of 175,000 transactions per second. If we can operate a set of rules to strengthen team division and cooperation and truly improve efficiency on this basis, wouldn’t we be able to spread beans and become soldiers?

Alibaba CTO Xingdian once said: "The main job of the fire department is not to put out fires, but to establish many regulations to prevent fires."

During this period of time, the JAVA specification has changed many versions before and after, from me to more and more programmers. We believe that when the specification is changed to the seventh edition, we will be able to summon dragons.

In fact, every action we take takes courage. The hesitation before the start, the twists and turns in the action, the wavering when being questioned... Remember, don't worry about how high the sky is, you can't win anyway.

line 83 code

At the beginning of this year, the code specification finally came to fruition.

Now all the BUs in Ali have started to use this JAVA specification, and everyone has started to run in one direction.

This year, my friends and I began to encourage everyone to post well-written code, and even be re-reviewed.

This process is not to find fault, but to let everyone see what is good and what is not good, study well, and avoid falling into the pit again.

Even Teacher Ma posted back and forth, "Thank you for your wisdom and hard work, and thank you for your sharing and professionalism. I can proudly say that I don't need to understand code for the rest of my life, because I have you!!!"

Now this post with code has been watched by more than 50,000 people, and more than 400 technical geeks have shown code and brightened their muscles.

Through algorithms that regularly capture beautiful code for full review, we're making it a reality. The guys even gave the project a sexy name - line 83!

Of course, what excites me the most is that the cafeteria aunt finally remembered my flower name. One day I went to make dinner, and she told me that she left me two big drumsticks.

Ali programmers are doing code review

From Ali P5 to P8

Eight years ago, I failed the written test in Ali. In a fit of rage, I went to the HR department of Zhejiang University to arrange an interview with my resume and a bunch of award certificates to prepare for the overlord face.

I still remember saying at that time: You missed me, you missed an era. I am especially grateful to the HR elder brother with a good laugh. He didn't get angry because I was ignorant. On the contrary, he made an exception and gave me a chance for an interview.

During the eight years in Ali, from P5 to P8, I experienced many setbacks and failed promotions. Although I have not been able to change an era until now, I am very happy. I have brought a little change to the world.

This is my photo, I'm afraid I'll lose powder

When we were young, we were always taught that we should be self-aware. The subtext of self-knowledge is probably that when you encounter difficulties, remember to admit it.

But sometimes, please keep some "no matter how high or low" it is.

Dare to be unrealistically delusional, and dare to work hard regardless of everything.

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