Ali programmers have posted code on the intranet

As we all know, Ali has more than 20,000 lovely programmers.

They don't have any other hobbies, but they are a little more versatile: these Ali programmers must shake the music scene before changing the world

Just being a little more enthusiastic: Ali has a programmer, and he was on the news because he ran a red light.

Although he is afraid of his wife, he can also be afraid of new tricks: he is always scolded for quarreling, and Ali programmers invented the "artifact for lovers' quarrel" in a fit of rage

Recently, they suddenly held one of the biggest code-sharing contests within Alibaba.

Here's the thing.

A few days ago, in a small dark room in Ali, five programmers with the ultimate pursuit of code participated in the final competition for the "Duolong Award", the highest honor in the field of code in Ali.

Duolong is the first generation of Taobao programmers, and he is also a god in the minds of many technicians. During the review at the review site that day, when he saw the end of a code snippet, Doron suddenly added: Look up and look at line 83.

The code is usually a few hundred lines. After seeing it, he still remembers a slight flaw in line 83. This must be how much reverence he has for the code.

After this incident spread to the intranet, many programmers also posted code on the intranet. Now this post has been watched by more than 50,000 people, and more than 400 technical geeks have shown their codes and muscles.

CTO@行經 The students spent a lot of effort to find the code more than ten years ago. The technical students were not polite and conducted a collective Code Review very seriously.

@lonely posted the green code that he wrote when he joined the job, and the green is the current comment. The continuous improvement in Ali is to become a better self.

The programmers write too much code, so I won't post them one by one, I can't understand it anyway.

But I remember the words of these programmers:

The code is for the system to run, but the code is for people to use. It may only take 1 minute to write the next line, but it will be read and changed many times by generations of engineers in the future. The readability and maintainability of the code is the first standard of code in my mind.

The system is forever, and the code is always circulating!

@Lu Su

Some former programmers recalled their youth...

Salute to the coders! ! I am also a former code farmer. During the peak hours, I was sitting in my room and writing, watching the automatic test integration program running all the time, and I felt an inexplicable sense of superiority. This is efficiency.


Hey, I miss those years of coding.


Some programmers also wrote poems on the intranet. It turns out that you are a poet who was delayed by the code!

Seeing the elegant codes of the great gods always makes people feel excited! Elegant code is as pleasing to the eye as poetry.

By the way, a limerick poem:

Alipay has three years of experience

The fierce battle has been paid for three autumns

When will the soldiers and iron horses rest?

If you ask the strong man to cook wine

Waiting for the blood to flow in the south


Photographer: Jin this

It turns out that the goddess Lucy used to be a female programmer... She said: good code is elegant, logical and clear, just like poetry.

Yesterday, a technical classmate invited me to post the code on DingTalk. Because at a technical annual meeting, I boasted that I wrote two lines of perl language under the guidance of Zhou Yuehong in 1999.

Now I can't find those two lines of code, and I can't let everyone see the code level of "literature students + technical blindness", but I have always admired technical students, especially those who write good code.

From the perspective of a liberal arts student, a good code should be logically clear, not long-winded and unclear, right? And it is concise and elegant, and the words express the meaning, which is similar to poetry.

@Peng Lei

photographer: all

Some students who can't write code also came to leave a message

Ladies and gentlemen, I have never understood what code is, and I have never understood why code is so magical. Playing something like a scripture that is completely incomprehensible can make the world turn. .

I am ashamed and even more proud. I am ashamed that Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is a complete idiot when it comes to code. I am proud that we have so many talented engineers and programmers (members) in Alibaba.

We work together to write the code of economic development, and we strive to write every line of code for the future economic and social development of the world.

Thank you for your wisdom and hard work, and thank you for your sharing and professionalism. I can proudly say that I don't need to understand code for the rest of my life, because I have you! ! !

@Ma Yun

Someone else asked a serious question, what kind of code is good code?

This answer seems to conquer all programmers...

For girls,

code pink

just good code


If you are not a programmer, it can be difficult to understand their love and enthusiasm for code.

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