AI solves six year unsolved case in just 20 minutes

Recently, Zhejiang realized the first AI to solve a case: Qian Moumou and his wife used the "electric fish" method to steal fish for six years in Xin'an Lake, a "national brand" water conservancy scenic spot in Quzhou, and there were several accomplices who sold the stolen goods. However, in the end, it did not escape the AI ​​eyes of Quzhou City Brain. On July 11, the Quzhou City Procuratorate approved the arrest for the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products, involving more than 600,000 yuan.

It is understood that electric fish is a fishing method that releases high-voltage electricity in the waters to electrocute aquatic organisms. Small fish will generally be electrocuted on the spot within the reach of electricity. Even if the big fish after being stunned survives by chance, Its gonad development will be damaged, and the ability to reproduce is basically lost. At the same time, it will also lead to the death of aquatic organisms such as shrimp, shellfish, algae and plankton. Seriously, the biological chain of a certain water area will be broken, and the ecology will be seriously damaged. Therefore, in the Fisheries Law of the People's Republic of China, electric fish is listed as an illegal fishing method equivalent to fried fish and poisonous fish.

Xin'an Lake in Quzhou is a 5.5-square-kilometer city lake formed after the water storage of the Tadi Water Conservancy Project. Due to industrial and domestic sewage, the water quality of Xin'an Lake is under great pressure. Coupled with the excessive fishing of aquatic products by the power grid, the ecology has been greatly damaged.

The reporter learned that since 2012, the suspect Qian Moumou and his wife had secretly illegally electric fished on Xin'an Lake, the main tributary of Qianjiangyuan National Park, and then sold the illegally caught aquatic products to Chengnan vegetable markets and streets through themselves or others. restaurant. The illicit income is endless, Qian Moumou and his wife even bought a house and a car.

In fact, the authorities noticed the "floating" couple very early on. However, the couple and their accomplices who sold stolen goods rode electric vehicles through the streets every day to sell in the wet market with high traffic flow. The trajectory of their movements was very hidden and very mobile. The police had 3 blurry photos in their hands. However, due to the inability to track the specific criminal facts and the amount involved, it has brought great difficulties to conviction and sentencing.

In 2017, after the first application of Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain in Quzhou, the case turned around.

one of three photos

According to the traditional detection method, it takes 3-5 experienced police officers nearly a week to investigate from a photo to a series of suspects' real trajectory, like finding a needle in a haystack. What's more, these people often change their clothes and deliberately cover themselves to hide their whereabouts.

With the help of the "Sky Eagle" system of Quzhou City Brain, by locking their common characteristics—both driving electric bicycles and having a water tank for fish, Qian and his wife and their stolen goods were locked in only 20 minutes. The accomplices found out their entire process from fetching fish to selling them.

Qian Moumou explained to the police that he was not literate, but he had long known that electric fish was illegal. I have tried the traditional fishing methods of ground cages and wire nets before, "too tiring", and the harvest is not large. So I bought batteries, electric contact rods, electric pulse boosters, etc., and made more money with electric fish. In the past 6 years, they have accumulated illegal profits of more than 600,000 yuan. The wife used this money for financial management and bought a set of properties worth millions.

The investigators said that Qian and his wife had been punished for illegal electric fishing before, but they took advantage of the law. According to the relevant regulations on illegal fishing of aquatic products: only those who illegally fished more than 500 kilograms of aquatic products can file a case, and every time they pay Every couple will catch less than this amount.

New technology becomes the key to solving old problems. Hua Xiansheng, deputy director of Alibaba's machine intelligence laboratory and head of the visual computing team, told reporters that "Sky Eagle" can quickly locate target objects through human-machine interaction, support hundreds of videos at the same time, and realize dynamic scheduling. It can be scattered in different areas, and can also be concentrated according to emergency needs. The technology behind it has won the single champion of pedestrian detection in KITTI, the world's authoritative visual algorithm ranking, and has also raised the first hit rate of the world-renowned pedestrian re-identification dataset Market1501 to 96.17%.

It is understood that the application of AI to improve the efficiency of solving cases has become a global trend. In China, the fields of traffic management, medical emergency dispatch, urban management, environmental governance, tourism development, urban planning, safe city, and people's livelihood services are all powered by artificial intelligence systems such as ET City Brain.

It is reported that since the case was investigated and dealt with, the behavior of electric fish in the waters of Xin'an Lake disappeared for a while.

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