ApsaraDB for Cassandra

A database engine fully compatible with Apache Cassandra with enterprise-level SLA assurance.

A Fully Managed Cassandra Database Engine

ApsaraDB for Cassandra adopts a distributed, masterless architecture that is built for scaling and offers continuous uptime, always-online support. The database engine supports both long and wide tables with tens of thousands of columns, and provides flexible schema capabilities. For instance, a single database cluster can be expanded to several petabytes of storage and can support tens of millions of read and write operations. This database service also provides several enterprise-level capabilities, including cross-data center disaster recovery, backup recovery, built-in security, and several intuitive and easy-to-use monitoring and management tools.

ApsaraDB for Cassandra is designed to help resolve the challenges often encountered when building a Cassandra database for a production environment.

Large Initial Investment and High Access Costs

Deploying a Cassandra database system offline can be costly, with much time, energy, and resources needed to cover the costs of setting up and maintaining the underlying infrastructure associated with the deployment.

System Instability and No SLA Guarantee

With offline and custom deployments, the availability and reliability of your Cassandra database is not guranteed. You have to be completely responsible for the operations and maintenance costs of your database system.

Complex Operations and Maintenance

With offline and custom deployments, there are no service-based solutions for fault repairs, cluster node maintenance, database scaling, or backup and recovery operations. Moreover, many of these operations must be completed manually, which is not only cumbersome but may also cause errors to occur.


High availability

ApsaraDB for Cassandra offers high availability to ensure the business continuity of your online applications.

An enterprise-grade SLA guarantee

ApsaraDB for Cassandra comes with a 99.9% SLA guarantee.

Continuous Uptime (Always Online)

Masterless architecture is adopted, nodes are peer-to-peer, and single-node failure services have no performance jitter.

Disaster Recovery Support

Multi-data center disaster recovery is supported. Existing single data center instances can be expanded online to multi-data center instances. Backup and recovery are also supported.

Agile and Easy-to-Use

Cassandra makes the development process simple and easy and supports agile development, so that you can launch applications quicker.

Easy to Learn

Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is similar with SQL, easy to learn, especially for developers familiar with MySQL.

Time to Live (TTL)

Historical data automatically expires and is removed, making manual cleaning unnecessary.

Fully Managed

As a fully managed database engine, equipped with several advanced features like instance monitoring, alarms, and other operations and maintenance functions.

Superior Performance for Less

Easily support the high concurrency requirements of your web applications while also streamlining costs through better baseline optimizations.

Optimized for High Concurrency Scenarios

ApsaraDB for Cassandra uses a LSM tree storage engine and can support up to tens of millions of read and write operations, making it suitable for high concurrency scenarios.

Support for HDD and SSD Local Storage

Both online and local storage and HDD and SSD storage disks are supported, so that you can minimize your storage costs and optimize access speeds based on your specific requirements.

Support for Multiple Consistency Models

Both strong and eventual consistency are supported, so that you can choose which model best meets your specific requirements with respect to availability, performance, or operation costs.

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