Before you use the Tracing Analysis console, you must activate related services, grant required permissions, and instrument your applications.

Activate related services and grant required permissions

Before you use Tracing Analysis, you must activate the service. You must also activate Log Service and Resource Access Management (RAM) because Tracing Analysis depends on the two services. In addition, you must authorize Tracing Analysis to read data from and write data to Log Service.

For more information about how to activate related services and grant required permissions, see Activate services and grant permissions.

Instrument your applications

To perform tracing analysis on your applications, you can use a client to report the trace data of your applications to the Tracing Analysis console. You can report the data of Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, .NET, and C++ applications to the Tracing Analysis console. The clients that you can use to report data include Jaeger, Zipkin, and SkyWalking. View the documentation about how to instrument applications based on the programming language of your application and the client that you use.