HTTPS secure acceleration

Function Description Default
HTTPS secure acceleration Provides a full link HTTPS secure acceleration scheme, just upload the CDN domain name certificate/private key after you activate secure acceleration mode, and supports viewing, disabling, enabling, editing of certificates. Disabled
Force redirect When the "HTTPS secure acceleration" is enabled, the CDN domain name supports custom settings, and redirect the user's original request in a forcible way. Disabled
HTTP/2 HTTP/2 can be seen as an advanced edition of HTTP/1.1. It has many advantages, including binary protocol, content security, multiplexing, header compression, and so on. Disabled
TLS TLS is a cryptographic protocol designed to ensure communication security and data integrity of a computer network. TLS Version 1.0, TLS Version 1.1, and TLS Version 1.2 are enabled by default.
HSTS HSTS is specified in RFC 6797. HSTS instructs clients, such as a browser, that a domain can only be accessed by using HTTPS. Disabled

Back-to-source settings

Function Description Default
Back-to-origin HOST Specifies the host domain name that a CDN node accesses in the back-to-source process. Three options are available: CDN domain name, original site domain name, and custom domain name. CDN domain name
Back-to-source with the same protocol Back-to-source requests for resources use exactly the same protocol as used by the client to request the resources. Disabled
Private bucket back-to-origin authentication After authentication is successful and authentication configuration is enabled, domain names enabled with private bucket authentication have the permission to access the private bucket. Disabled

Cache settings

Function Description Default
Cache expiration time Customizes cache expiration rules for specified resources. Disabled
Setting the HTTP Request Header Sets an HTTP request header. Nine parameters are currently available for HTTP request header customization. Disabled
Custom 404 page Available in three options: default 404, public welfare 404, custom 404 Default 404 page

Access control

Function Description Default
Anti-leech Configures a referer blacklist or whitelist to identify and filter visitors. Disabled
URL authentication Uses URL authentication methods to protect resources on an origin site. Disabled
IP blacklist Configures the access IP blacklist to identify and filter visitors. Disabled

Performance optimization

Function Description Default
Page optimization Compresses and removes useless blank lines and carriage return characters to effectively reduce the page size. Disabled
Smart compression Supports smart compression for content in multiple formats to effectively reduce the size of user transmitted content. Disabled
Filter parameter Removes parameters after ? in a URL request during the back-to-source process. Disabled

Video-related settings

Function Description Default
Back-to-source of range Allows a user to notify an origin site server to return partial content within a specified range. This function helps with accelerated delivery of large files. Disabled
Drag/drop playback Enables random drag or drop playback in a video or audio on-demand scenario. Disabled

Advanced settings

Function Description Default
Peak Bandwidth If the average bandwidth exceeds the maximum, the domain name automatically goes offline to protect your domain name security Disabled

Refresh and preload

Function Description Default
URL refresh and preload
  • Forces specified files on the CDN Cache node to expire in order to update back-to-source again.
  • Actively pushes content from the origin site to the L2 Cache node. Upon first access, you can directly hit cache to relieve pressure on the origin site.

Data monitoring and statistical analysis

Function Description Default
Data monitoring You can select Domain Name, Region, Operator, Time Granularity (1 minute, 5 minute or 1 hour) and Time Range (Today, Yesterday, 7 Days, 30 Days or Custom) to view the specific condition. Enabled
Statistical analysis In Statistical Analysis, you can check data of PV and UV, Area and ISP, Domain Name Rankings, Popular Referer, and Popular URLs. Enabled

Usage query

Function Description Default
Usage query You can use this function to obtain the actual usage of traffic, bandwidth, or requests during a certain period. Enabled
Billing export You can export actual usage data by day or by month, so as to compare it with the report output from the billing center. Enabled
Detail data export You can export detail data for traffic/bps data or request times, so that you can calculate or review the usage you actually paid for. Enabled

Log management

Function Description Default
Log Downloading You can download the log files within 1 month. Enabled

Other settings

Function Description Default
Set httpDNS Provides a DNS service by using the HTTP protocol to directly access the server of Alibaba Cloud CDN. Disabled