API overview

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017

This document lists all ECS APIs.

For the APIs for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), see API Reference of VPC.

Instance APIs

API Description
CreateInstance Create an ECS instance.
DeleteInstance Delete instance resources based on the input instance name.
DescribeInstanceAutoRenewAttribute Query the automatic renewal status of an instance.
DescribeInstances Query the detailed information about all instances.
DescribeInstanceStatus Obtain the status or list of all instances of the current account.
DescribeInstanceVncUrl Query the ECS Web management terminal address.
DescribeUserdata Query the user data of an instance.
JoinSecurityGroup Add an instance into a designated security group.
LeaveSecurityGroup Remove an instance out from a designated security group.
ModifyInstanceAttribute Modify the instance password, instance name, security group, and other attributes.
ModifyInstanceAutoReleaseTime Set the automatic release time for a specified instance.
ModifyInstanceAutoRenewAttribute Set the automatic renewal status of an instance.
ModifyInstanceVncPasswd Modify the Web management terminal password of ECS instance.
ModifyInstanceVpcAttribute Modify the VPC attribute of an ECS instance.
RebootInstance Restart a specified instance.
StartInstance Start a specified instance.
StopInstance Stop a specified instance.
DescribeInstanceRamRole Query information of an instance RAM role.
AttachInstanceRamRole Attach a RAM role to an ECS instance.
DetachInstanceRamRole Detach a RAM role from an ECS instance.

Disk APIs

API Description
CreateDisk Create a disk.
DescribeDisks Query the disk information.
AttachDisk Attach a disk to an ECS instance.
DetachDisk Detach a disk from an ECS instance.
ModifyDiskAttribute Modify the attribute of a disk.
DeleteDisk When a disk is no longer in use, it can be released. Only independent basic cloud disk can be deleted.
ReInitDisk Re-initialize the disk to the initial status.
ResetDisk Use the snapshot of a designated disk to roll back the disk content.
ReplaceSystemDisk Replace the system disk.
ResizeDisk Resize a disk.

Snapshot APIs

API Description
CreateSnapshot Create snapshot for a designated disk storage device.
DeleteSnapshot Delete the snapshot of the specified disk attached to the specified instance.
DescribeSnapshots Query the list of all snapshots of a certain disk device of the ECS.
CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy Set an automatic snapshot policy.
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicyEx Query an automatic snapshot policy.
DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicy Release an automatic snapshot policy.
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicyEx Modify an automatic snapshot policy.
ApplyAutoSnapshotPolicy Apply automatic snapshot policies to disks.
CancelAutoSnapshotPolicy Cancel an automatic snapshot policy.

Image APIs

API Description
DescribeImages Query the list of images available for users.
CreateImage Create customized images through snapshot. The created image can be used to create an ECS instance.
DeleteImage Delete the specified custom image.
ModifyImageAttribute Modify image attributes.
CopyImage Copy an image.
CancelCopyImage Cancel the copying of an image.
ModifyImageSharePermission Manage image sharing.
DescribeImageSharePermission Query the list of image sharing accounts.
ImportImage Import an offline image file to ECS to create a custom image.

Network APIs

API Description
AllocatePublicIpAddress Assign an available public network IP address to a given instance.
ModifyInstanceNetworkSpec Modify the bandwidth configuration of an instance.
Elastic IP (EIP) address interfaces Interfaces for Elastic IP (EIP) addresses

Security group APIs

API Description
CreateSecurityGroup Create a security group, implementing the firewall configuration for a group of instances using the configuration of security group rules.
AuthorizeSecurityGroup Set the access rights provided by the security group.
DescribeSecurityGroupAttribute Query details about the security group, including the security access control list.
DescribeSecurityGroups Query by page all basic information about security group defined by the user.
RevokeSecurityGroup Cancel the access rights provided by the security group.
DeleteSecurityGroup Delete a specified security group.
ModifySecurityGroupAttribute Modify the properties of the specified security group, including the security group name and description.
AuthorizeSecurityGroupEgress Set the out direction access permissions of security group.
RevokeSecurityGroupEgress Revoke the outbound security group access rules.
ModifySecurityGroupRule Set the in direction access permissions of the security group.

SSH key pair APIs

API Description
CreateKeyPair Create an SSH key pair.
DeleteKeyPairs Delete an SSH key pair.
DescribeKeyPairs Query an SSH key pair.
ImportKeyPair Import an SSH key pair.
AttachKeyPair Bind an SSH key pair to an ECS instance.
DetachKeyPair Unbind an SSH key pair from an ECS instance.

Region APIs

API Description
DescribeRegions Query the list of available regions.
DescribeZones Query the list of available zones in a region.

Monitoring APIs

API Description
DescribeInstanceMonitorData Query by page all the user’s ECS-related monitoring information.
DescribeEipMonitorData Query the monitoring information on an elastic public network IP address.
DescribeDiskMonitorData Query by page the user’s monitoring information related to the specified disk.

Tag APIs

API Description
AddTags Bind a tag.
RemoveTags Unbind a tag.
DescribeTags Query tags.

Other APIs

API Description
DescribeInstanceTypes Query the list of instance types provided by the ECS.
DescribeInstanceTypeFamilies Query instance type family information.
DescribeTasks Query the progress of a specified asynchronous request.
DescribeTaskAttribute Query detail information about a task.
CancelTask Cancel a running task.
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