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Elastic Compute Service:RenewReservedInstances

Last Updated:May 14, 2024

Renews existing reserved instances.

Operation description

The IDs of the reserved instances.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer.

Authorization information

There is currently no authorization information disclosed in the API.

Request parameters


The ID of the reserved instance. You can call the DescribeReservedInstances operation to query the IDs of reserved instances that you purchased.

You can specify up to 10 IDs of reserved instances in a single request.


The region ID of the reserved instance. You can call the DescribeRegions operation to query the most recent region list.


The validity period of the reserved instance.

Valid values: 1 and 3.

Default value: 1.


The unit of the validity period of the reserved instance.

Set the value to Year.


The client token that is used to ensure the idempotence of the request. You can use the client to generate the token, but you must make sure that the token is unique among different requests. The token can contain only ASCII characters and cannot exceed 64 characters in length. For more information, see How to ensure idempotence.


Specifies whether to enable auto-renewal for the reserved instance. Valid values:

  • true
  • false

Default value: false.


The auto-renewal duration. Unit: months. This parameter takes effect only when AutoRenew is set to true.

Valid values: 12 and 36. Default value: 12.


The request ID.


Response parameters


The IDs of the reserved instances.


The ID of the reserved instance.


The order ID.



Sample success responses


  "RequestId": "8C314443-AF0D-4766-9562-C83B7F1****",
  "ReservedInstanceIdSets": {
    "ReservedInstanceId": [
  "OrderId": "2023912123****"

Error codes

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescription
400InvalidInstanceType.ValueUnauthorizedThe specified InstanceType is not authorized.You are not authorized to use the specified instance type.
400InvalidParameter.ConflictThe specified region and cluster do not match.The specified region and cluster do not correspond to each other.
400InvalidTagKey.MalformedThe specified Tag.n.Key is not valid.The specified Tag.N.Key parameter is invalid.
400Zone.NotOnSale%sThe requested resources are unavailable in the specified zone. %s is a variable. An error message is dynamically returned based on call conditions.
400InvalidPeriodUnit.ValueNotSupportedThe specified parameter PeriodUnit is not valid.The specified PeriodUnit parameter is invalid.
400InvalidTagValue.MalformedThe specified Tag.n.Value is not valid.The specified tag value is invalid.
400InvalidChargeType.ValueNotSupportedChargeType is not valid.This billing method is not supported. Select another billing method.
400OperationDeniedThe specified InstanceType or Zone is not authorized for current user.-
400InvalidPeriodThe specified Period or PeriodUnit is not correct.-
400MissingParameter.ReservedInstanceIdsThe specified ReservedInstanceIds does not exist.-
400InvalidParameter.PeriodUnitThe specified PeriodUnit is invalid.-
400InvalidParameter.PeriodThe specified Period is invalid.-
400InvalidParameter.ReservedInstanceIdsThe specified ReservedInstanceIds is invalid.-
400InvalidPeriod.ExceededMaximumExpirationThe specified renewal period cannot exceed the maximum expiration date. We recommend you try shortening the renewal period at next attempt.-
403OperationDenied.NoStockThe requested resource is sold out in the specified zone; try other types of resources or other regions and zones.The requested resources are insufficient.
403OperationDeniedSales of this resource are temporarily suspended in the specified region; please try again later.The requested resource is unavailable in the specified region. Try again later.
403NodeControllerUnavailableThe Node Controller is temporarily unavailable.The node controller is unavailable.
403OperationDeniedThe resource is out of usage.The instance is not in the Running state. Start the instance or check whether the specified operation is valid.
403InvalidParameter.ResourceOwnerAccountResourceOwnerAccount is Invalid.The specified ResourceOwnerAccount parameter is invalid.
403Zone.NotOpenThe specified zone is not granted to you to buy resources yet.You are not authorized to purchase resources in the specified zone.
403Zone.NotOnSaleThe specified zone is not available for purchase.The requested resources are unavailable in the specified zone. Try a different instance type or select a different region or zone.
403InvalidParameter.NotMatch%sA specified parameter is invalid. Check whether parameter conflicts exist.
403Account.ArrearageYour account has been in arrears.Your account does not have enough balance. Please add funds to your account.
403InvalidReservedInstanceName.MalformedThe specified parameter ReservedInstanceName is invalid.-
403InvalidParameter.ScopeThe specified parameter 'Scope' is invalid.-
403InvalidReservedInstanceStatus.ValueNotSupportedReservedInstance status is not supported.-
403InvalidReservedInstanceOfferingType.ValueNotSupportedThe OfferingType is not supported.-
403InvalidReservedInstanceOfferingClass.ValueNotSupportedThe OfferingClass is not supported.-
403MissingParameter.ZoneIdThe specified zoneId should be not empty.-
403MissingParameter.InstanceTypeThe instanceType should be not empty.-
403MissingParameter.ReservedInstanceIdThe ids of reservedInstance can not be empty.-
403MissingParameter.ReservedInstanceConfigurationThe configurations of reservedInstance can not be empty.-
403InvalidParameter.SplitOrMergeThe Many-to-many of modification is not supported.-
403MissingParameter.InstanceTypeAndAmountBothEmptyThe instanceType and amount can not be both empty.-
403InvalidReservedInstancePlatform.ValueNotSupportedThe Platform is not supported.-
403InvalidParameter.ReservedInstanceNameThe reservedInstanceName is invalid.reservedInstanceName field value is illegal
403InvalidReservedInstanceZone.ValueNotSupportedThe zoneId is not exist.-
403InvalidParameter.ValueNotSupportedThe instanceTypeFamily of the instance to be changed must be consistent.-
403InvalidParameter.ValueNotSupportedThe expiration time of the instance to be changed must be consistent.-
403InvalidParameter.ValueNotSupportedThe factor of instanceType is not equal.-
403InvalidParameter.ValueNotSupportedThe offeringClass of instance is not same.-
403InvalidParameter.ValueNotSupportedThe offeringType of instance is not same.-
403IncorrectInstanceStatusThe status of specified reservedInstance must be active.-
403IncorrectInstanceStatusThe current status of the resource does not support this operation.The resource is in a state that does not support the current operation.
403InvalidPlatform.ValueNotSupportedThe platform of reservedInstance is invalid.-
403InvalidScope.ValueNotSupportedThe scope of reservedInstance is invalid, The valid value is Zone or Region.-
403InvalidConfiguration.ValueNotSupportedThe modification Configuration should not be empty.-
403InvalidZoneId.ValueNotSupportedThe specified zoneId should be same.-
403InvalidParameterThe parameter is invalid.Please check it.-
403InvalidInstanceAmount.ValueNotSupportedThe instanceAmount is invalid.-
403OperationDenied.OnlyModifyNameIt is not allowed to modify the ReservedInstanceName only.The reserved instance name cannot be separately modified.
403InvalidReservedInstanceId.NotFoundThe specified parameter ReservedInstanceId is invalid.-
403ChargeTypeViolationThe operation is not permitted due to charge type of the instance.The operation is not supported while the instance is using the current billing method.
404InvalidZoneId.NotFoundThe ZoneId provided does not exist in our records.The specified zone ID does not exist.
404InvalidZoneId.NotFoundThe specified ZoneId does not exist.The specified zone ID does not exist.
500InternalErrorThe request processing has failed due to some unknown error.An internal error has occurred. Try again later.
500InternalError%sAn internal error has occurred.

For a list of error codes, visit the Service error codes.

Change history

Change timeSummary of changesOperation
2022-11-02The Error code has changed. The request parameters of the API has changedsee changesets
Change itemChange content
Error CodesThe Error code has changed.
    Error Codes 400 change
    Error Codes 403 change
    delete Error Codes: 404
    delete Error Codes: 500
Input ParametersThe request parameters of the API has changed.
    Added Input Parameters: AutoRenew
    Added Input Parameters: AutoRenewPeriod
2022-08-12Add Operationsee changesets