Data Migration

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Cloud Migration Forum is a place for Alibaba Cloud Users to collaborate and discuss their problems and experience with Alibaba Cloud's Migration Service.
Alibaba Cloud offers data migration services and resources to ensure a smooth migration. Users can migrate their data to Alibaba Cloud by themselves or via the Alibaba Cloud Migration Service.

9 Easy Steps for Successful Data Migration--using DTS

Moderator: Raja_KT2019-03-02 Last reply: Raja_KT03-02 14:52

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Migrate HyperV VM's

Moderator: Azmat2017-04-16 Last reply: Raja_KT12-10 15:05

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how migration service help me to migration of my service fro other cloud

Moderator: sharathpatel2018-09-23 Last reply: Raja_KT12-10 14:24

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It's time to migrate data without stopping services

Moderator: Dave2017-03-23 Last reply: Raja_KT12-10 13:22

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Comparison Between Billing Policies of AliCloud ECS and AWS EC2

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-07 Last reply: Raja_KT11-20 01:17

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PB-scale data transport solution similar to AWS Snowball

Moderator: Raja_KT2018-11-20 Last reply: Raja_KT11-20 01:09

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How to migrate the storage data from on-premise data to OSS

Moderator: Jansen2015-12-11 Last reply: Raja_KT11-19 21:31

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A Guide on image migration to HK region

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: hantiuc08-23 17:10

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Online Migration For Linux

Moderator: geo2016-05-17 Last reply: sameer280311-15 16:56

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How to migrate virtual machine/physical machine from on premise to AliCloud

Moderator: Jansen2015-12-11 Last reply: Kingsonmvp09-04 13:25

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HBase data migration - cross-network migration from physical server room clusters to EMR clusters

Moderator: Adolph2016-10-24 Last reply: Adolph10-24 17:23

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Price Comparison Between OSS API requests and S3 API requests

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: RBCPhileas10-13 08:26

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TableStore: Using Datax to migrate data of instance A to instance B

Moderator: Blanche2016-09-18 Last reply: Blanche09-18 16:25

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(Original) The Simplest Way to Migrate Data for Rookies! (data migration)

Moderator: Charlene2016-07-08 Last reply: Charlene07-13 17:25

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SLB & ELB API Use Restrictions

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: Jansen01-08 12:07

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Comparison of SLB & ELB API Billing Policies

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: Jansen01-08 12:05

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SLB & ELB API Comparison Overview

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: Jansen01-08 12:04

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IAM and RAM API Function Mapping

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: Jansen01-08 11:56

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Function Mapping Between OSS API and S3 API

Moderator: Jansen2016-01-08 Last reply: Jansen01-08 11:50

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A linux migration tool

Moderator: geo2015-12-25 Last reply: geo12-25 15:30

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