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The Elastic Compute Service Forum is a place for Alibaba Cloud users to collaborate and discuss their problems and experience with Alibaba Cloud’s virtualization service. Please leave as much information as possible so that forum users can move your problem quickly to a solution.
Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service is an online computing service that provides reliable, scalable and on-demand distributed compute capacity on the cloud. ECS allows you to have complete control of your cloud computing environment and helps to automate and meet your business needs in real time.

FreeBSD 10.1 is no longer supported! Please update!

Moderator: krazzle2017-06-01 Last reply: shhanshan06-14 16:31

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How do I delete my Aliyun Account

Moderator: Zehan2017-03-28 Last reply: jdp06-06 10:49

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Connection between China and US regions (great firewall)

Moderator: smartnose2017-05-11 Last reply: shhanshan05-12 20:42

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The problem language

Moderator: setyo2017-04-26 Last reply: shhanshan04-28 19:43

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What is the ImageId of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit?

Moderator: rockford2017-04-21 Last reply: rockford04-21 05:20

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Username of ecs linux

Moderator: rishabh2017-04-10 Last reply: shhanshan04-13 16:54

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Adding vNIC to an ubuntu VM

Moderator: Narjess2017-03-30 Last reply: shhanshan04-11 11:39

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Can't not add Paypal

Moderator: tomkk2017-03-24 Last reply: shhanshan03-27 16:23

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Security group practices of the cloud server ECS (Part 2)

Moderator: Gordon2017-03-27 Last reply: Gordon03-27 16:08

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Security group practices of the cloud server ECS (Part 1)

Moderator: Gordon2017-03-27 Last reply: Gordon03-27 10:30

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could I install another system via an iso

Moderator: hychiu2017-01-24 Last reply: mao03-19 13:19

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Web site connection issue

Moderator: mcjeremy2017-03-05 Last reply: mao03-19 13:17

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wrong OS on ECS

Moderator: belsy2017-03-01 Last reply: shhanshan03-02 15:15

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windows hosting plan with remote desktop

Moderator: Andalua2017-02-20 Last reply: shhanshan02-23 19:29

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Aliyun cheat and never remove my credit card

Moderator: flyfly2017-02-17 Last reply: shhanshan02-20 10:09

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Unable To Ping!!

Moderator: ZhongceLewis2017-02-14 Last reply: shhanshan02-14 13:21

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unable to login!!

Moderator: amostafa2017-02-12 Last reply: shhanshan02-14 12:58

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About ECS Subscription Plan

Moderator: imimivan2017-02-03 Last reply: shhanshan02-03 17:31

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How does it charge for a not-running instance?

Moderator: hychiu2017-02-02 Last reply: shhanshan02-03 17:30

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Cannot Forward Port

Moderator: wilsonhhw2017-02-01 Last reply: shhanshan02-03 17:28

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