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[Activities]Alibaba Group donates its JStorm computation system to the open source community

More Posted time:Nov 19, 2015 22:00 PM
Alibaba Group has formally joined the Apache Foundation with the donation of the code for its distributed, fault-tolerant realtime computation system,
JStorm, to the open source community.
Alibaba Group’s JStorm is an enhanced version of Apache Storm, built from scratch in Java instead of in the Clojure programming language that forms the code base for Apache Storm. JStorm provides a distributed programming framework very similar to Hadoop MapReduce, but unlike Hadoop MapReduce, runs a 24x7 topology which is ideal for streaming data and real-time computation. JStorm also guarantees fault-tolerance, with a new worker process spawned once an existing worker process crashes. JStorm is also 20% faster, on average, than Apache Storm under any scenario.
JStorm has been under active development for four years, with new features such as Backpressure, Dynamic HighLevel Batch, and Stable Nimbus HA added only in the last two years. Today, JStorm clusters are recognized as being extremely reliable for large workloads. JStorm clusters have become the world's largest clusters as measured by the number of applications supported within the cluster, with some JStorm clusters maintaining more than 1,000 applications simultaneously.
Transaction volumes can hit up
to a 1.5 petabyte daily peak within a JStorm cluster.
With JStorm as a formal Apache Storm subproject, Alibaba Group hopes to accelerate the delivery of improvements on Apache Storm, not only with the JStorm code kernel, but also by attracting more developers to work on the Storm initiative.