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[Others]Free Trial Credit Card Charges

More Posted time:Dec 16, 2016 15:12 PM
Hello, how much will alibaba charge when I insert my credit card as payment option? Will I receive the fees back?

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Posted time:Dec 20, 2016 17:40 PM
Alibaba cloud won't charge you any fee when you add credit card.  Everytime when you try to add your credit card, you will see $1 pre-authorization charge on your billing statement. The $1 transaction you saw is only an authorization to verify that your card is valid. And you may see multiple $1 auth if you try to add your card multiple times into your account. Every time when you try to add card to your account, we'll need to do the authorization to make sure the card is valid.
You will get the refund in 7-15 business days, depends on different bank policy, the refund process may take up to 30 days.