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What is ZOOM vdi?

More Posted time:Nov 7, 2022 13:06 PM
A VDI server is a typical hardware resource for various clients at the same time. VDI hardware — which is prepared for supporting various virtual workspaces — overall can't uphold the taking care of solicitations of video conferencing on top of its other dealing with requirements.

The Zoom VDI Client and module address this issue by disposing of most media-taking care of solicitations from the VDI server, and actually redirecting them to the module, which processes the media using its own hardware resources on the close by machine. Zoom makes a better experience by sending independent data streams to both the VDI Client and module, allowing each part to focus in on the commitments it does best.

VDI meeting headway
In the upgraded knowledge, the VDI Client basically revolves around conveying an unfilled placeholder of the Zoom meeting, containing only a reasonable screen of the social occasion content and the get-together toolbar buttons. The VDI Client moreover stays aware of in-meeting data, like the part list, through its nearby relationship with the Zoom meeting, and cycles any screen sharing of the local client's workspace.