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New ECS for TYPO 3 & Empire CMS

More Posted time:Dec 12, 2016 20:03 PM
1. If the website serve whole China customer, which ECS region should I choose?
2. Would the ECS support TYPO 3?
3. Would the ECS support the Empire CMS (
4. Is it possible to install another CMS to the HardDrive at the same time in ECS? Is it possible to support 2 websites at the same time?

Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer
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Posted time:Dec 14, 2016 15:03 PM
1. There are many Regions in China, if your website hosted only one region,  different province in China maybe access slow, we suggest you deploy website+CDN to solve the problem.
2.ECS support much more application, does TYPO 3 has specific configuration ?
3. Support, you can deploy it, any question please go to the forum to get help
4. ECS support different sites, you can use different port, about CMS , we don't know how to deploy, you can get help from CMS.