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Why is website record filing necessary?

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2016 14:00 PM
According to the provisions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, any organization or individual shall fulfill the website filing procedures if they want to use a server within the Chinese mainland territory to set up a website using an independent domain name. The procedure is requisite for the availability of the domain name in China, like the business license for a company.

In principle, the website server providers are responsible for offering the website filing service.
So customers of Alibaba Cloud servers can ask Alibaba Cloud to perform the procedures.

Q: What will happen if an un-filed domain name points to a domestic server of Alibaba Cloud?
A: Un-filed websites are not allowed to engage in non-operating internet information services within the territory of People’s Republic of China. Your un-filed domain name pointing to a domestic server of Alibaba Cloud cannot be accessed normally.

Q: Can the website be accessed normally when the record filing application is in process?
A: Initial filing: Domain names not filed cannot be accessed on the internet. If the website has been filed by another server provider other than Alibaba Cloud, you should submit an application for transferring the record filing information. Your website will be accessible in around seven hours.

Q: How do I know whether my website has been filed?
A: You can inquire the record filing status of your website with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China by the website domain name, ID number, or organizer company name.