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Best Email migrator for 2022

More Posted time:Jul 28, 2022 18:08 PM
MacSonik Email migrator is the most advanced software for migrating emails from many webmail clients to other webmail clients. It is the foremost solution for Mac users who want to migrate their emails and files from one format to another. This Email migration software can convert 25+ email clients and file formats into multiple file formats and web-based clients.

Features of MacSonik Email Migrator-
1- Exports various email clients and file formats directly into different webmail clients and file formats.
2- It has single/multiple conversion modes for single or bulk email/file migration.
3- Users can preview all the emails of the file and the webmail client before the migration process.
4- The email migrator has a Mail Filter option to filter emails on the basis of date and convert them into the desired format.

Working steps of MacSonik Email Migrator-
Step1- Open the Email migrator tool on your Mac system.
Step2- Click the browse button and select the email client/file format for the migration process.
Step3- Choose the desired folders to migrate and click the next button.
Step4- Select the saving format from the migrate as menu.
Step5- Enter the custom folder name and select the saving location.
Step6- Hit the convert button to start the migration process.

You can also download the software from here:
Hope this write-up will help you to find the best email migrator for migrating emails and files from one format to another.