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Do shapes really matter in a design?

More Posted time:May 6, 2022 14:12 PM
Yes, shapes are very important for design, we can create anything with shape in Adobe Illustrator. Shapes can be soft, curved, rounded, angled, or sharp, and each conveys a different type of mood or emotion.

For those who need career-oriented skills should go for professional level and certified graphic design courses from a reputed training institution.
Training is important and software applications like Illustrator is must to learn. For that you can consider joining Adobe Illustrator course from online or classroom training mode according to your need.

In Illustrator some tools given below can help in making different shapes:

Pen tool: With the help of the pen tool, we can create and copy so many shapes.

Curvature tool: With the help of the curvature tool we can edit and create curved and straight-line easily.

Line tool: We can create a line if we click and press the shift button then the line comes straight and if we press alt and click line size increase both side. We also have Arc tool, spiral too, rectangular grid tool, and polar grid tool.

Rectangle: with this we can draw rectangle click and drag you will see rectangle draw with colour . we can also make border in different colours. We can go direct selection tool this tool can modify shape in different direction.
Rounded Rectangle with this we can draw rounded rectangle click and drag you will see rounded rectangle draw with colour and side corner rounded . we can also make border in different colours .
Ellipse tool:  the Ellipse tool we can select it from the toolbar and drag a  ellipse into our artboard. If we hold down the Shift key, we’ll be able to draw a perfectly rounded.
Polygon tool: with this tool we can directly click on poloygon tool and simply draw a polygon on artboard. And we can rotate it also .
star tool: with this tool we can directly click on star tool and simply draw a star on artboard. And we can increase the size also.

Brush tool: with the help of a brush tool we can also make so many shape and design.

Width, wrap, twirl, pucker, bloat, scallop, crystallize and wrinkle tool: with the help of all these tools we can change shapes and can create new different style shapes.

Shape builder tool: we can create shapes and with help of a shape builder we can easily merge and create new shapes.
Blend tool: with the help of the blend tool we can blend shape to shape.

I am Ankita kharche, want to learn new thing so I am doing graphic design course in Delhi from ADMEC Multimedia Institute. Illustrator is very interesting for so many things. With the help of teacher I can improve my creation that’s good part of learning.

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Posted time:May 6, 2022 21:26 PM

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Posted time:Mar 30, 2023 5:39 AM
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