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Can the instance limit, max. 20 be increased in SAS(Simple Application Server)?

More Posted time:Mar 14, 2022 14:59 PM
Now I am using many Amazon Lightsail instances for my service all over world. Recently I found Alibaba Cloud was providing SAS with competitive price and more cores to race against it. But SAS is limited to maximum 20 instances in its document. The AWS Lightsail instance's limit is max. 20. But, it is adjustable. I am wondering the max qouta of SAS instance is changeable in Alibaba Cloud?

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Posted time:Apr 4, 2022 10:35 AM
For SAS, Each user can run up to 20 Simple Application Servers simultaneously. A maximum of three snapshots (up to 15) and 50 firewall rules can be created for each server.

Pre-installed software in /usr/local of /home/staragent/, /usr/local/aegis, and /usr/local/cloudmonitor is a program and library file relied on by the environment and cannot be freely modified.

Port 25 of the server cannot be used to send a mail externally. If you need to send a mail externally, you can use port 465 to send a mail using an external mailbox.

If you need more than 20 SAS, you may need to individually add ECS, Storage or any component you need.