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How to connect VPC together

More Posted time:Sep 16, 2021 16:34 PM
I want to route traffic from a VPC on a specific IP range to another specific VPC in the same region and same zone.
Usually we can use a CEN with a Basic Router.
But one of my VPC is already bound to a cross account CEN beloging to a provider that I am connecting to.

So i cannot link it with another CEN with a Basic router.
I looked at the enterprise router, but it's not really fitting my needs:
- there is a cost (still less than VPN_gateway tho)
- During the config I need to put a secdondary switch in different zone. I dont need that.
- I didn't find the way to setup this enterprise router through terraform . I found alicloud_cen_transit_router where I can put enterprise type but after that didnt find anything looking like the config in the Web Console.

I looked as well to the VPN gateway, but same not really satisfying
- quite costly
- look over-engineered for my needs.

Overall I just want to to route the traffic of one VPC to another VPC in the same region and same zone.
How can I setup that?
Do I really need to have a paid component to make a simple routing?

Here a example of my setup: