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Can I open a TCP Port from Alibaba Cloud Platform and connect to a Home network?

More Posted time:Oct 25, 2020 12:09 PM

I have built a Raspberry Pi Webcam robot which can be remotely controlled by using a webpage on a Web Server.
If I put my webpage on a Webhosting on Alibaba Cloud, can my PHP server side code on the web server open a TCP port on Web Server and create a TCP connection to my home network where my Webcam Robot is located. The Web Page server side PHP code on the Web Server will serve as a middleman to receive command from Browser webpage and send the command to my webcam robot at home through a TCP port from the Web Server.

I know that some webhosting don't allow Webpage PHP server side code to open a TCP port on their Web Server computer.

So my question is whether Alibaba Cloud allow the user to open a TCP port from their Server and make a TCP connection to a Home Network?

Thanks in Advance!!

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