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How to use DTS for Database Migration between MySQL to MongoDB ?

More Posted time:Aug 26, 2019 0:47 AM

I'm pretty newbie to AliCloud and just trying to figure out the usage of DTS ( Data Tramission Services ) to migrate Data from MySQL to MongoDB ? Need detailed step-by-step commands to do that.

Additionally, I've following queries.

1) Is possible to Migrate data from my own On-premise Database to AliCloud DB and vice versa.
2) AliCloud DB to another Cloud Platform's DB (GCP/AWS) and Vice Versa.


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Posted time:Sep 9, 2019 3:57 AM
Can you please share where you are stuck in this process? Have you processed the migration from MySQL... Or you are starting with that? Secondly, where is your database hosted, on another cloud or on-premises?

Read this to learn how you can tranfer from on-premises or hosted MySQL databases to Alibaba Cloud hosted databases;

Also try this introductory post to learn which components of DTS you require to use,