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Speed is so slow this service is totally unusable!

More Posted time:Aug 10, 2016 21:19 PM
I signed up for a 1 proc VM in China for the purpose of testing browsing to my company's website, and the RDP connection speed was so slow it was barely usable. I decided to pony up the dough and purchase a 2 proc VM with twice the RAM and bandwidth, and I can't even connect to the management console to log into the VM and enable RDP!  It paints 1/4 of the screen and stops. It took 15 minutes to paint the entire screen, and I can't even type any characters. This is absolutely ridiculous. And I'm required to pay for a support ticket to report the inability to use a service I paid for??

Anyone thinking of signing up for this service, do yourself a favor and don't. They'll take your money and you'll get nothing in return. If someone from Alibaba happens to read this post and corrects the problem, I'll hapilly update the post reflecting so... assuming they don't delete it first.

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Aug 17, 2016 12:02 PM
Hi,  from your description,  the problem seems to be realted to network. You can try to ping the ECS server locally and see the latency. If you notice large packet loss,  I suggest to use mtr to trace where the packet begin to lose.  Also check the ECS workload, like CPU, bandwidth usage in the ECS admin console. If CPU & network usage is high, it will affect remote desktop connection.

currently the servers overseas access to mainland device(e.g. ShangHai) do hit packet loss issue due to the bandwidth congestion from China international gateway. It is a intermittent issue, and does not alwalys happen.  If you are not located in mainland China, I suggest you to use ECS server in Hongkong, US or Singapore region.

For the ticket issue, refer to the support plan:

there are 3 technical  tickets/Q for free in Baic plan,  You can submit a ticket to Support engineer. They will help you to identify the root cause.


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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Aug 18, 2016 3:05 AM
Hi Keith, I assume you were accessing the server from outside of China.

Poor public internet connection from abroad to domestic China is very common, and this happens to everyone, Alibaba Cloud, AWS or Azure, you name it.

A common practice is using VPN, you can establish a VPN tunnel to cross the border. You are either set using strongSwan or try OpenVPN.

I hope this will lead you to the right direction.