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Cloud Migration without Stopping Services: Alibaba Cloud DTS

More Posted time:Mar 8, 2019 13:15 PM

  1. Migrate a self-built database from an offline IDC room to the self-built database on Alibaba Cloud RDS or ECS.
  2. Migrate a self-built database from other cloud vendors to the self-built database on Alibaba Cloud RDS or ECS.
  3. Migrate a database on Alibaba Cloud across regions and accounts.
  4. Migrate a self-built database on Alibaba Cloud RDS or ECS to the offline IDC test environment.


Schema migration --If the source instance and the target instance are heterogeneous data sources, DTS needs to convert data types and SQL syntax according to the schema syntax of the target instance. For objects that are incompatible with the target data sources, you can manually correct them in DTS Console – Migration Details before synchronizing them with the target instance.

Full Migration

Incremental Migration-- During the incremental migration phase, DTS captures data changes on the source database in real time and synchronizes it with the target database in real time.

With the deadlock algorithm, DTS can implement a transaction level-based concurrent write strategy to effectively improve the synchronization performance while ensuring the transaction sequentiality.

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Jan 25, 2020 0:29 AM
This seems helpful because during migration data loss is the biggest concern but all the transaction during the migration will be available or not?