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Developing an Enterprise IoT Network with LoRa

More Posted time:Mar 7, 2019 23:38 PM


"Today, every family uses Wi-Fi. In the future, every enterprise will apply LoRa."
With the help of low-power wide-area IoT technologies of LoRa, Cainiao used only four LoRa micro base stations to transform and upgrade its park with an area of 200,000 square meters into a smart park.

Actually, the IoT industry is often confronted with more difficult problems than the Cainiao Park, for example, how to connect to underground warehouses, or how to cover a forest, desert, or grassland. Next, Ding announced the release of airborne IoT of Alibaba Cloud, an eye-catching highlight of this Computing Conference. It can solve all the extreme problems in the preceding extreme scenarios.

An instruction to turn on the LoRa gateway on the airship. On-site IoT devices were quickly connected to signals from the
airship. Sensors that were connected to the LoRa gateway started to send heartbeat packets again. Data was recalculated while things were reconnected.

Alibaba Cloud IoT has established a LoRa ecosystem that includes chips, modules, IoT gateways, management platforms, network carriers, application providers, and third-party service providers. Alibaba Cloud IoT integrates these technologies to provide a one-stop solution. At the site, Ding announced the release of two capabilities of Operation Darwin.
First, Alibaba Cloud and ASR Microelectronics jointly released the single-chip ASR6501, which features an ultra-small size, full-band coverage, and integration with the ultra-low power LoRa SX1262. This chip can be deeply integrated with LoRaWAN?, Link WAN, and AliOS Things to streamline the IoT network management platform.

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