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Data Migration on the Cloud – Alibaba Cloud RDS PostgreSQL

More Posted time:Mar 7, 2019 15:48 PM


• 1. A user migrates data from the Oracle database in an offline data center to RDS PPAS on the cloud.
• 2. A user uses RDS MySQL as the database for business transactions and HybridDB for PostgreSQL for their data warehouse.
• 3. A user imports massive data from ODPS into HybridDB for PostgreSQL for real-time analysis.

1. Same zone
2. Cross-zone deployment and deployment in zones between cities
3. Internet and VPN network

1.Data migration on the cloud
Alibaba Cloud open-source product rds_dbsync, CDP (dataX), and DTS . Has anyone used rds_dbsync?

2. Data migration using a common file format

Following are the most commonly used file formats: XT/CSV, TSV, ORC, Parquet, protobuf, etc.
Some of these data formats, specifically ORC and Parquet, are data compression formats. For uncompressed data, e.g. CSV, we can select our preferred data compression format, e.g. gzip, bzip2, snappy, etc.

•Any file that complies with the CSV standard can be imported into the PostgreSQL products.
o PostgreSQL imports data COPY through push o HybridDB for PostgreSQL writes data COPY through push 4. Data transmission through Object Storage Service (OSS)

•PostgreSQL + OSS read and write external data source oss_fdw •HybridDB for PostgreSQL + OSS import and export data in parallel oss_ext
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