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Beebot – Alibaba Cloud's Intelligent Customer Service Platform

More Posted time:Mar 7, 2019 12:20 PM


At the technical level, Beebot implements the knowledge consultation and question answering based on its knowledge base. It also gets used in combination with the multi-round dialog configuration tool to integrate businesses with the robot sessions. Beebot combines the big data, NLP, and ML capabilities. It can accurately understand dialogs, complete natural man-machine question answering, and provide accurate business analysis reports based on the rich multi-industry and multi-language knowledge bases.

It is worth mentioning that users can pre-configure the knowledge packs in their subdivisions to enable fast deployment of Beebot in their businesses. Beebot has the learning capability. When it is in use, Beebot can continuously improve the knowledge bases to make analysis, judgments, and responses more accurately. Besides, Alibaba Cloud provides essential open interfaces for Beebot. For example, the customers who have used the products such as ECS and RDS to build the e-commerce services only need to integrate Beebot with their e-commerce APPs or websites to conveniently use Beebot.

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