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NVMe SSD Performance Factors

More Posted time:Jan 16, 2019 14:57 PM
NVMe SSD Performance Factors


We see SLC, MLC,TLC,QLC and they fit different requirements.Common problems like inability ot control MPP, PCIe bottleneck( now x4 lane) and bandwidth esp when bridge with GPU systems, heat dissipation, MBTF, Over provisisoning,GC and write amplication for read & write at page level and erase at block level, traffic in background and foreground, wear leveling, scheduling etc.

Object SSD, which is a new SSD interface mode. I do not have much idea about Object SSD.

We have done a lot of researches on SSD QoS in Apsara Distributed File System and put forward the concept of Object SSD, which is a new SSD interface mode. We use the object mode to read data from and write data into an SSD. Each object uses the append write operation mode. In this mode, the interface can be seamlessly integrated with Apsara Distributed File System. With Object SSD, a lot of work within the SSD is simplified, I/O scheduling is more flexible, and the storage software cooperates with the SSD to optimize I/O performance and maximize the QoS.

I think there are some vendor(s), that use TRIM and it creates bottleneck :). Various designs by different vendors are there. We need to watch and see.
SATA (32 commands/queue), SAS 256 commands/queue but NVMe at ~64K commands in a single message queue and up to ~64K queues.
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