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[Others]domain issue

More Posted time:Sep 7, 2017 14:55 PM
I configured my ecs and set up a domain name [], but when i'm trying to put 'www.' in front of it, it doesn't work, so i figured out that i need to create a subdomain and direct it to the same ip address, but i didn't found any way to do this through web interface,
so how can i do this?

Regards, m1chael.

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Posted time:Sep 11, 2017 23:30 PM
You need to configure an A record for your domain name in the DNS configuration on the management console. During this DNS configuration, select WWW and your will be resolved.
Log in to the international site
Navigate to the Console
Select Products -> Domains & Websites -> Alibaba Cloud DNS
In the “Domain Name Resolution List” or “VIP Product Management”, select the domain name to be resolved
Click “Resolution Settings” to navigate to the page for setting the resolution for a single domain name
Click “Add Record” and set the resolution as on the “Resolution Settings” pageThe new resolution record will take effect in a matter of seconds