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[Promotion Campaigns]Get 15% off your next Singapore ECS Instance

More Posted time:Dec 21, 2015 15:42 PM
Get 15% off your next Singapore ECS Instance
Click to Campaign Landing page

Campaign Terms and Conditions
1) This campaign is available for a limited time only from December 21, 2015 to January 20, 2016.
2) Only registered users are eligible to participate in this campaign.
3) This campaign is only applicable for the first purchase of Singapore ECS Instance during the campaign period.

Campaign FAQ
Who is eligible for the discount?

This discount is applicable for all registered AliCloud users. Discounts are only applicable on each users next ECS instance only.

If I want to buy 2 or more ECS instances in the Singapore region, can I place the order at once and still receive the 15% discount?

If you plan to buy more than one ECS Singapore instance during the campaign, you will need to make two separate orders. The first order must only contain one ECS instance in order to receive the 15% discount. Any additional instances you wish to purchase should be made on a separate order and will not receive any further discount.

Is there any limit for the size of fixed bandwidth or data disks for discounted ECS instances?
No. There is no size limit for fixed bandwidth or data disks when users buy an AliCloud ECS instance. Fixed bandwidth or data disks will also be eligible for a 15% discount if you purchase them at the same time as your ECS instance.

Why is there no 15% off for bandwidth by traffic?
The bandwidth by traffic is pay-as-you-go service which is not included in this promotion.

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