Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud to help users create a network with enterprise level-scalability and the communication capabilities of a cloud network

Cloud Enterprise Network provides a hybrid and distributed global network ideal for enterprise users with high demand on network coverage. With its stable transmission and next-generation network environment, the network provides high transmission speed and low latency for end-users.

Cloud Enterprise Network can be used to facilitate communication between VPC to VPC and VPC to IDC. Routing information in CEN can be learned and distributed automatically, which allows CEN to achieve fast routing convergence and improved network quality and security.


Deploy and Connect Globally
Build a globally interconnected network through connecting your Cloud Enterprise Network instances.
Simple and Easy to Use​
Create CEN, attach network instance, buy bandwidth package, and set inter-region bandwidth to perform cross-region connections in four easy steps.
Safe and Reliable
Deploy a private communication environment and multi-link redundancy to guarantee high-quality communication.
Fast Convergence
Overall routing information is learned and forwarded automatically and routes convergence in seconds.

Product Features

  • Network Instance Intercommunication


    Any network instances which are attached to CEN can communicate with each other

    Low latency

    High speed and low latency communication between any two network instances within CEN

    High redundancy​​

    There are a minimum of four sets of independent redundant links between two network instances to ensure uninterrupted service should some links be disconnected

  • Route Learning and Automatic Forwarding

    Network management

    ​Routing information is learned and distributed automatically so that the overall network route can be converged quickly


    As the user, you no longer need to perform heavy routing configuration and management​​

  • Bandwidth Sharing and Management​​

    Bandwidth sharing

    Bandwidth package is shared by regions included in the network's inter-geography

    Simple management

    Interregional bandwidth can be allocated on demand

Certification course: Interconnecting VPC Using Cloud Enterprise Network

The Interconnecting VPC using Cloud Enterprise Network(CEN) course is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge to plan, configure and administer VPC connections in Enterprise enviroment.

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Original Price: USD 10.00

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