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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Issue 11

Accelerating Global Business Success on Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the digital technology and intelligence department of Alibaba Group and the leader in the global cloud computing industry, serving millions of small to large-scale enterprises in different industries (such as logistics, games, retail, manufacturing, and technology). Its secure and trusted cloud computing and data intelligence capabilities support these enterprises to migrate to the cloud smoothly and embrace advanced digital technologies. This edition of Alibaba Cloud eMagazine interviewed C-level executives of our global customers, exploring their insights, experiences, and perspective on future technologies and collaborating with Alibaba Cloud. We hope you gain useful business value and learn the latest industry trends from the articles within the magazine. As always, stay tuned to Alibaba Cloud for more information!

Key Learnings
· Foreword by Selina Yuan
· AppGuru: Explore, Experience, and Expect the Beauty of Gaming from the Heart and the Cloud
· BeLive Technology: Unlocking Newer Business Potentials with Livestreaming
· Classplus: More Accessible and Immersive Online Education Made Possible with Cloud and Video Technology
· Easymeeting: Enhancing Video Communication with Global Video Infrastructure
· enish Co: Leveraging Advanced Cloud Technologies to Unlock Scalable Game Operations
· LAWSGROUP: Spearheading Growth in International Markets with Smart Manufacturing
· LunchBox: Smart POS Solution on the Cloud Injects New Vitality to the F&B Industry
· Ninja Van Group: Enabled by Digital Innovation, a Convenient Logistics Service is Only a Click Away
· Sephora: Accelerating Continuous Innovation for Seamless Online Shopping Experience
· VisionGroup: Turning Visions into Reality
· WEMART: Modernizing O2O Retail Operations with AI and Cloud Technology

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