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Alibaba Cloud puts our customers first in everything we do, and is committed to helping your business through public health crisis.


How Alibaba Cloud is using cloud solutions to cope with public health crisis.

Insight Anytime

Data Visualization

This solution uses DataV to real-time visualize internal enterprise information; enables for well-organized data analysis and deliver real-time insights to drive rapid and informed decisions; ensures transparent sharing of information; and enhances team cohesion.

Import public data sources and internal organization data to customize data dashboards.

Use dozens of templates to build an interactive data dashboard in just few minutes.

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Develop Anytime

DevOps Solution

This cloud-native solution provides CI/CD solutions on the cloud, and ensures your R&D project go smoothly in any circumstance.

An easy-to-use solution features deep integration with most popular open-source CI/CD tools.

An end-to-end DevSecOps platform that provides an agile way of software delivering.

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Learn Anywhere

Online Education

This solution offers you a suite of powerful cloud-based services to develop, implement, and deliver digital media content, and enables you to build cost-effective online education platforms to rapidly launch and expand your business with a vision to provide best learning education to the world.

Ensure low latency and high concurrency broadcasting.

Perfect for live video monitoring and processing.

Support multiple platforms, multi-client video recording and playback SDKs.

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Collaborate Anywhere

An All-in-one Mobile Workplace

DingTalk is a smart collaboration solution that provides a platform for real-time communication and remote collaboration. It offers a reliable solution to start a stable conference call without any costs.

Quick, easy, and effective communication & collaboration

Free online conference for up to 302 parties in public health crisis

Free VoIP conference call for up to 302 parties in public health crisis

Stable and 1080P HD video conferences

Screen sharing for online conference

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