Discount for Alibaba Cloud Storage Products in September

32% discount for annual storage plans

OSS Benefits

High Reliability

Redundant backup, cross-region replication, and geo-disaster recovery

High Security

Multi-level access control, fine-grained authorization, server-side and client-side encryption, and hotlink protection

Low Cost

Lifecycle management and lower TCO that reduce your cost

NAS Benefits

High Performance

High IOPS, low latency, and high throughput
Meets your performance requirements for NAS.

High Reliability

Data reliability of at least 99.999999999%

High Security

Multi-level security protection
RAM-based authorization and access, VPC, and security groups

More Specifications

More specifications for your choice. More discounts for annual storage plans.


Standard (LRS) Storage Plan


Standard (LRS) storage plan of 40 GB

Uses OSS to store static data to separate it from dynamic data.

Reduces the workload of applications.

Provides elastic storage scalability.

$0.99/6 months

Pay-as-you-go: $4.80/6 months


IA (LRS) Storage Plan

IA (LRS) storage plan of 500 GB

Provides high reliability and low cost.

Supports real-time access to data.

$24.20/6 months

Original price: $32.40/6 months


General Purpose NAS Storage Plan

NAS storage plan of 500 GB

Supports shared access and elastic scalability.

Provides high reliability.

32% discount for annual storage plans
$103.09/6 months

Original price: $138.00/6 months


Extreme NAS Storage Plan


Extreme NAS storage plan of 500 GB

Applies to shared storage for multiple ECS instances.

Provides shared file storage services.

10% discount in September only
$675.00/6 months

Original price: $750.00/6 months

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