• Special Pre Launch Offer
    2018.09.10 – 2018.09.17
    Enjoy 25% off on 2 types of ECS instances
    Free access to 2 cloud courses and 4 hands-on labs
  • Launch Offer
    2018.09.18 - 2018.11.27
    Enjoy 20% on all ECS instances
    Free access to 2 cloud courses and 4 hands-on labs
Benefits of Dual Availability Zones
  • 99.99% Uptime

    Your workloads are more reliable with almost no downtime

  • Auto Detection and Repair

    The Detection & Repair modules together guarantee the availability

  • 0 Additional Cost

    No extra fee is charged for the use of a multi-zone

  • MTCS T3 Standardization

    Achieve the highest level of Multi-Tier Cloud Security

* India region second Availability Zone initially offers Elastic Computing Service (ECS) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) only. More products will be available soon.
How does it all work together?
Learn more about Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service & Multiple Zone Deployment
Technical Know-Hows
Avail comprehensive technical readiness support including 2 digital training sessions and 4 online labs for you to get
familiar with moving to Alibaba Cloud without using any of your cloud credits
* Online Training credits will be added to your console. Online Lab credits will be sent separately to your Alibaba Cloud registered email address. Please click here to learn more.
Alibaba Cloud in India
Jun 2017
India Operations
Kicks Off
Jan 2018
First Availability Zone
Jul 2018
ECO Partner
Jul 2018
Launch of Distribution Channel
Aug 2018
Partnership with Government of Andhra Pradesh
Sep 2018
Second Availability Zone
Go-Live Preparations
  • Record-breaking Performance
    Alibaba Cloud has broken competition records at Sort Benchmark in data sorting, and set new records in mitigating DDoS attacks and the processing volume of e-commerce transactions.
  • High Availability of 99.99%
    Cut down latency and deploy globally on Alibaba Cloud’s international network of 18 data center regions and 43 availability zones, including access to China under one single global account.
  • Industry-leading technical standards
    Alibaba Cloud is committed to the highest levels of compliance including Germany's C5 standard, PCI DSS for payments, HIPAA for healthcare, and the EU GDPR for data protection and privacy.
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Terms & Conditions

1. Who is this campaign offer for?
The special offer is available to any Alibaba Cloud user who subscribes to Alibaba Cloud India data center resources.
2. What does this campaign offer include?
This special campaign offers discounted ECS instances on Alibaba Cloud India data center with $40 worth of training and readiness resources during the campaign period between Sep 11, 2018 and Nov 27, 2018. If your yearly cloud consumption is above $5000, you could also avail special telephonic expert assistance on moving to Alibaba Cloud.
3. What are the timelines and exact discount offers under this campaign?
Specified ECS instances will be available with 25% discount for yearly prepay subscriptions only during the Pre-launch phase which is from Sep 11, 2018 to Sep 28, 2018. All other ECS instances will be available on 20% discount for monthly as well as yearly prepay subscription only after Sep 28, 2018 until 23:59:59 Nov 27, 2018 (IST).
4. How do I avail the training and lab resource credits?
You need to have a valid Alibaba Cloud account to avail readiness benefits. To receive training resources, click the "Get Credits" button and training credits will be added to your console. Lab passes will be shared with you separately on your registered Alibaba Cloud email address. The Online Lab benefits are offered in association with our lab partner, LabEx. User information captured by LabEx platform is beyond the control of Alibaba Cloud.
5. How do I view & manage my voucher(s)?
The voucher will be added to your console upon payment confirmation. You can check “Billing Management – Voucher Management” to find your voucher(s) and activate. All voucher(s) are valid till Dec 31, 2018 and you need to make sure you activate them on or before Dec 31, 2018. After expiry, there are no options to reactivate your voucher(s) or process any refund.
6. How many ECS instances one can buy under this campaign?
You can subscribe to as low as one instance to avail all the benefits of this campaign. During the pre-launch period you can avail discount on up to 5 specified ECS instances only. There will not be any limitation at the launch offer and one can subscribe to any number of instances.
7. What if I have signed up for any other offer from Alibaba Cloud?
This offer can’t be combined with any other existing offer(s). However, you can avail all the benefits of this offer by subscribing to ECS instances available as part of this offer separately.
8. When can I utilize my ECS voucher(s) purchased during the pre-launch phase?
ECS voucher(s) purchased during the pre-launch phase can be utilized any time post issuance to set up specified instances. However, you will not be able to avail the high availability benefits of the second availability zone before it's launch. Therefore, we recommend you to setup your ECS instances only when second availability zone is live.
9. When is the Go Live date for India’s second availability zone?
India's second availability zone is live as on Sep 28, 2018 but initially only ECS and VPC are available on second availability zone. Other services will be available soon.