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Security Center
Security Center

Elastic Compute Service

Elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater all your cloud hosting needs View product >

Instance:N4 family

For All Spec.

Duration: 1 year

1 Unit 80% off
From $31.27 / year

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ECS Gen 5 Instance

Compute optimized, general purpose, Memory optimized instance family. View product >

Instance: c5, g5, r5, 2-8 vCPU

Limit Entry Times: 1

Buy up to 3 units

For 1-year-subscription

3 Units 70% off
From $184.46 / year

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Simple Application Server

A single server-based service for application deployment, security management, O&M monitoring. View Product >

1C 0.5G

Limit 1 instance

$19.9 for 1 year

$19.90 / year

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.COM Domain Name

The most popular domain name all over the world. View Product >

Free ICANN Included

Free Update Prohibition Lock

Free Transfer Prohibition Lock

$3.90 / 1st year

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Alibaba Cloud DNS

Enterprise accounts can save 40% off billing on Enterprise accounts .View product >

Full Editions

Full DNS protection

3 editions of domain names

Fast Stable Secure
From $0.29 / year

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Security Center

Round the clock security and protection View product >

Version: Antivirus

Annual purchase

Quantity Limit: No

20% off
From $31.20 / year

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Anti-DDoS Premium

Protect against high volume DDoS attacks. View product >

Quantity Limit: No

Monthly purchase

15% off
From $2,235.50 / month

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SSL Certificates Service

Apply, buy, and manage SSL certificates. View product >


Duration: 1 year

Quantity Limit: No

20% off
From $239.20 / year

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Alibaba Cloud Galaxy+ Plan for Enterprises

Alibaba Cloud Galaxy+ Plan for Enterprises Save up to 50% on cloud products and services. Free one-to-one presales consulting service and upgraded technical support. Plus free online training and certification courses.

Best Practices

Small and Medium Sized Business

When a user visits your site the CDN automatically fetches it from OSS. Dynamic content is served by a fleet of ECS instances running behind Server Load Balancer. The number of running ECS instances can grow and shrink with demand meaning you pay only for the resources you need: you no longer need to do capacity planning. Pressure on the RDS database is reduced using a read replica.

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Large Enterprises

Larger sites need to defend against attack as well as guarantee performance. Traffic from users is first sent through Anti-DDoS where malicious traffic is scrubbed. Only real user traffic is sent on to the CDN. The CDN serves static content from the nearest edge location guaranteeing high speeds for users. If content is not found the CDN automatically retrieves it from OSS. Dynamic requests are sent on to the web servers.

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