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Adopts Alibaba's leading big data and AI technologies to provide personalized recommendation services for enterprises and developers worldwide based on the accumulated experience of Alibaba in various industries, such as e-commerce, content, news, live video streaming, and social media

Difficult to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Difficult to Reach New Customers at Touch Points and Launch New Product Promotions

High Operational Costs

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Provides practice-proven algorithms and features, enables end-to-end data solutions and professional cold boot solutions, and supports a variety of operational intervention strategies for industries, such as e-commerce, content, news, live video streaming, and social media

Solution Highlights

  • Industry-specific algorithm templates
  • Practice-proven architecture and model
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Complete features for quality inspection, tests, and reports

How it Works

Smart Marketing
Digital Pushing
Smart Marketing
Digital Pushing


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Enabling Operation and Configuration Auditing on Alibaba Cloud

IT governance is a statutory compliance requirement for enterprises, and is a crucial part of enterprise risk management and security protection.

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