Competition Introduction

With the power of AI and Big Data analysis, urban traffic bureaus are now able to fight overcrowded streets through processing real-time data and predicting future activity on the roads. The AI can assess its own predictions and become more accurate over time, paving the way for automated driving. The Tianchi competition will challenge its participants to look critically at these models, improve upon them, and create new solutions to solve urban gridlock.

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First Place

iPhone XS Max, 256G

Second Place


Third Place


The 4th to 10th

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Step 1Foundational Courses

Candidates must obtain certificates for the 3 courses listed below to complete this step. The discount is applicable till Mar 12th.

  • · Implement Decision Tree with Python on ECS

  • · Machine Learning Algorithm on PAI: Linear Regression

    PAI is Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning for AI Platform

  • · Best Practice: Predicting Coupon Efficacy

    This course comes from the previous contest


price for three courses

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Step 2Laboratory Work

Candidates are required to do a hands-on practice and submit the results to qualify for the final competition. Candidates must select one of the following two platforms to complete the experiment:

Option 1

Python on Elastic Compute Service (Linux/Windows)

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Option 2

Machine Learning of AI (PAI)

An end-to-end platform that provides various machine learning algorithms to meet your data mining and analysis requirements.

Pay-As-You-Go, no special offer for PAI.

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When completed, please submit the results below

Submit Lab Results

Step 3Join Tianchi Gridlock Prediction Challenge

Ready to put your skills to the test? Join the Tianchi Competition to see your world-wide ranking and win our awards!

Use your Invitation Codeto login to the Challenge portal on Tianchi and accomplish the tasks before March 31, 2019. The challenge’s detailed introductions can be viewed in advance by clicking "Join the Competition".

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About Tianchi

Tianchi, powered by Alibaba Cloud, is a global competition platform focused on artificial intelligence development. Since founded in 2014, Tianchi has successfully hosted over 100 competitions and established a global network of over 250,000 developers spanning over 93 countries and territories.

ET Brain is Alibaba Cloud’s ultra-intelligent AI Platform for solving complex business and social problems.

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Alibaba ECS provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Alibaba’s proven computing environment.

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Alibaba PAI provides end-to-end machine learning services and friendly GUI for user to easily assemble your own AI model in drag-and-pull mode.

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Meet the Opinion Leaders

Wanli Min

Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist of Alibaba Cloud

Dr. Wanli Min received Ph.D. in Statistics from The University of Chicago. He joined Alibaba Group in 2013.He has been leading Alibaba Cloud's efforts on big data and AI for Industry and developed ET Brain series in City, Industry, Agriculture, etc. He currently serves as Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist of Alibaba Cloud. Prior to Alibaba, he had worked at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM Singapore and Google. His research interest includes stochastic process, network flow dynamics and pattern recognition.

Mohib Jafri

Co-founder of HackHarvard

Hackharvard is the largest hackathon organizing group at Harvard University and a partner of Tianchi, Alibaba Cloud. HackHarvard aims to bring the incredible world of tech entrepreneurship to Harvard College, to provide resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, and to foster a strong community of students who will be responsible for building the technologies of the future.

Zhongming Jin

Algorithm Engineer at Alibaba DAMO Academy

Zhongming Jin received his Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University. His research interests include large scale machine learning and computer vision.

Champion team of Tianchi Indian Hackathon

The four students are Naman Bhalla, Dipans Girdhar, Asash Garg, Vishal Sharma. They are the Champion team of Tianchi Indian Hackathon in 2018 and from BML Munjal University.

Terms & Conditions

1. The challenge will be only applicable for participants who have completed both Step 1 and Step 2.

2. The challenge will be only available for participants who have received the Invitation Code.

3. Invitation codes will be sent in 3 waves, on February 15, 2019, February 28, 2019 and March 12, 2019. The time when can a participant get the code will depend on the time when he/she completes the first 2 steps.

4. Clouder (online courses) promotion may only be bought in a package of three (3) courses shown in Step 1, they may not be purchased individually.

5. The Challenge will run from Jan. 21, 2019, 9:00 a.m UTC to Mar. 31, 2019, 6:30 p.m. UTC

6. The awards will be shipped to winners after the conclusion of the competition in April, the receipt of the gift will depend on the shipment time.

7. The winners of the challenge will be notified by email notification and will include request for shipping address.

8. The First Place prize will be one(1) iPhone XS Max, 256GB , 2nd place will be one (1) iPad, 128GB, and 3rd place will be one (1) set of AirPods.

9. Only one award will be awarded per person, one person who uses multiple user accounts will not be sent multiple gifts.

10. The 4th to 10th place gift package contains a T-shirt, a Computer Mouse and an Umbrella. The gifts may contain Alibaba Cloud’s logo.

11. The Challenge ends on March 31, 2019, participants who complete Step 1 and Step 2 after this date will not receive the invitation code.

12. If participants have already obtained certificates for Clouders included in the activity, they will be counted towards completing the activity and do not need to re-test, participants will only need to complete the Clouders that they have not previously obtained a certificate for.

13. The challenge’s detailed introductions can be viewed by clicking “Join the Challenge“.

14. Users may use either ECS or PAI to complete the Laboratory work and participate in the competition.

15. Any questions regarding the event please email us at: