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How Alibaba Cloud Can Help Digitization of Restaurants and Cafes

Digitization is an essential step for several businesses, including restaurants. Learn how Alibaba Cloud can help your restaurant meet the new technology challenges.

People often believe restaurants and cafes are among the latest businesses needing new technologies. In some cases, some restaurant owners completely ignore the importance of having a web presence, a system for accepting takeaway and delivery orders, and a digital platform for keeping everything organized. The truth is that restaurants are among the businesses that need digitization most Some local restrictions required restaurants to switch to a delivery-oriented strategy during the pandemic. Those not invested in digitization may find it hard to provide their customers with an easy way to order food and drinks. Digital menus are convenient tools to allow customers to see all your dishes without touching the physical paper.

Digitization is essential to ensuring a restaurant can work during critical situations (like pandemics). It shows customers the restaurant is good at prioritizing and making the most of new technologies to improve the customer experience. Alibaba Cloud is generally known as one of the best digital partners for launching a business in China, but this platform has powerful tools that can enhance the digital experience of people and companies worldwide. This article will highlight some cases where Alibaba Cloud can help a restaurant or cafe improve its digitization and how this could also be helpful for your business.

Archiving Business-Related Documents with Object Storage Service (OSS)

Every company needs to keep an archive of important documents. Bills, bank statements, certifications of quality, signed agreements, and licenses are all important documents a company should keep in a safe place. Keeping them on your PC or phone is not recommended because you lose all your data if your device gets damaged or stolen. The best place to keep your essential documents is an Object Storage Service bucket. It is a digital vault hosted on Alibaba Cloud where you can safely store all your documents and set automatic backup options. Moreover, you can choose the data center location of your bucket and set data retention rules to comply with privacy regulations (like the GDPR in Europe). A restaurant or cafe can use Object Storage Service buckets to archive bills, bank statements, maintenance reports, licenses, refrigerator temperature records, and other business-related documents safely.


Creating a new bucket requires a few steps:

  1. Log in to your Alibaba Cloud account, open the Object Storage Service (OSS) page, and go to the console
  2. In the Buckets section, create a new bucket, give a name, and select the storage type. You can choose the Cold Archive option for documents you need to archive without accessing them often (like old bank statements and invoices). Nothing prevents you from creating multiple buckets with different storage classes. You can create one for documents you access rarely and another one for those you access often (this will have a Standard storage class).


Another exciting usage of Object Storage Service buckets is the ability to make them publicly available on the Internet. You can use them to host a static website. In the Basic Settings section of your bucket, you can also set up a custom homepage and a 404 error page.

Hosting Websites with a Simple Application Server (SAS)

A restaurant or cafe may decide to create a website that customers can consult to see the menu, the opening hours, and other information. A static website hosted on a cloud bucket is enough for these basic needs. However, if you need a fully-functional dynamic website to allow customers to place takeaway or delivery orders, you can use Alibaba Cloud Simple Application Server (SAS), enabling you to deploy an application quickly. WordPress (a well-known blog management system that enables you to develop the website of your dreams) is one of the most popular web applications you can deploy on Alibaba Cloud in minutes. Moreover, you can expand WordPress with several plugins. WooCommerce allows you to set up an online shop. You can easily configure it to accept takeaway or delivery orders.


Deploying WordPress on Alibaba Cloud requires a few steps:

  1. Open the Simple Application Server product page and click Buy Now
  2. Select the cloud region of your preference. (It would help if you chose the one nearest to your restaurant or cafe so that your local customers can experience the lowest latency and enjoy fast surfing of your website.)
  3. In the Apps Image section, choose WordPress and select the kind of instance. Assuming you will run a small website for a local cafe or restaurant, you can choose the cheapest option and upgrade it later as your online traffic increases.

Registering a Domain Name for Your Cafe or Restaurant

Registering a domain name is the first task a restaurant or cafe owner should do to welcome the digitization of their business. Before building a website, a domain name can be helpful to redirect customers to social network profiles and have professional email addresses. Another beneficial aspect of owning a domain name is that it helps protect your brand so competitors (or other people) cannot use the name of your restaurant or cafe. Owning a domain name means owning a piece of the Internet. It is a myth that you should only buy a domain name if you want to start a website. It is always beneficial to register it as a way to safeguard your brand online, and it gives a professional aspect to your email addresses or links to your social network profiles (to which you can easily redirect your domain name and subdomains). Alibaba Cloud offers a simple tool to help register your domain name and manage it through your console. Purchasing different domain extensions is an excellent way to ensure the maximum protection of your brand; always include .com, as it is the most used top-level domain (TLD) on the Internet.


Alibaba Cloud is an advanced cloud service that empowers the digitization of every kind of business. Basic services like storage, web hosting, and domain names can also help businesses that do not operate in the IT area but can benefit from new technologies. Restaurants and cafes can rely on Alibaba Cloud to improve their online presence but also see the cloud service as a reference for archiving important documents or enforcing online brand protection.

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