Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Boy Suganda Sinaga

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Boy Suganda Sinaga

This article gives a brief backstory about Boy Suganda Sinaga, an Alibaba Cloud MVP.

The Beginning

While I was studying at Del Institute of Technology, I was unsure about my future career path and continued studying to find my passion. In 2016, there was a selection for Microsoft Student Partners (MSP). I applied and nailed it!


When I graduated, I entered my new life as a professional and joined DANA. Until today, I have continued learning about cloud providers, such as Alibaba Cloud. Our apps offer the best features and provide a 24/7 high availability system, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), Container Service, Server Load Balancer (SLB), Object Storage Service (OSS), and many more. Learning about other cloud providers allows you to understand how to implement and find the best solution for your use-cases.

In addition to learning, I love competition. That's why when I finally received an invitation to create a team, in the end, I named it BBLV, which is an abbreviation of the names of our team members (Bima, Boy, Louis, and Vincent.) We signed up for the Alibaba Global AI Innovation Challenge.

We called this project ServeU. During the competition, we tried to make everything measurable, including use cases inside our project. During the competition, we used ECS, OSS, DataWorks, MySQL, Container Registry, and Machine Learning for PAI. Fortunately, the result of our work paid off and we won first prize!.

Working with the Alibaba Cloud Community

Before I was awarded the Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP), I was an ordinary engineer that focused on daily tasks but loved to speak about my experiences. One day, my team found a bug within Alibaba Cloud's product and wrote a ticket to report it.

After the ticket was submitted and reviewed, our team was asked to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud's team to discuss information about Terraform. Some of my team (including me) were asked to be speakers for this event. I spoke about Provisioning VMs to Public Cloud and guiding other sessions as moderator, including A Series of Technical Deep-Dives on Managing the Infrastructure with Terraform by DANA x Alibaba Cloud. Also, I wrote several posts related to Alibaba Cloud and gave feedback about Alibaba Cloud products, which helped me get recognized as an Alibaba Cloud MVP. That was awesome! After becoming Alibaba Cloud MVP, I continually write blogs and have had several opportunities to speak at seminars and introduce Alibaba Cloud products as a solution.

Wrapping Up

I'm honored to be an Alibaba Cloud MVP, and I'm very grateful for this recognition. As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, I can develop my potential and have chances to learn and share my experiences with many people. I love the statement, Keep, Learn, and Share, because it improves our knowledge, makes it stronger, and means we care about other people. I believe I can keep contributing and be a part of Alibaba Cloud's community successes in the future.

"Be curious and start your first step. A lucky person is the one that is ready whenever the time comes."

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