Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Rupal Shirpurkar

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Rupal Shirpurkar

This article briefly introduces Rupal Shirpurkar, a multifaceted Alibaba Cloud MVP.

Rupal Shirpurkar is an Alibaba Cloud MVP and the Business Head of the APAC Region at Click2Cloud Inc., leading the business relationship partner globally with China, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA, and other Asia Pacific regions.

She continued to follow her passion for work and promote an open-source community that includes the Openstack Foundation, OpenSDS, CNCF, Linux Foundation, OpenStack, RedHat, Openpitrix Open Source, and Hashicorp Community.

Since a very young age, Rupal has accomplished a lot with her professionalism and diligence. Her outstanding intellect and business strategy catapulted her to a role as the Business Head at Click2Cloud today, as well as being awarded as an MVP at Alibaba Cloud

Rupal's success is a great example of hard work, perseverance through uncertainty, learning experiences, and active contribution to the Alibaba Cloud community.

Rupal's current work status demands her to adhere with leading groups, such as Alibaba's China and Global Teams, SoftBank, Huawei, Ant Financial, AWS, T-Systems, Microsoft China, Telefonica, and other cloud providers with Go-to-Market strategies for multi-cloud Scenarios.

As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, she has been working closely with the team for the development of joint cloud solutions and service offerings. She reached her position today by putting in efforts to solve real-time problems with the Alibaba Cloud Team.


My Journey with Alibaba Cloud

My journey with Alibaba Cloud has been an amazing experience. Alibaba has helped me grow, experience, and lead towards my professional and personal goals. I have been among the top five trusted partners with Alibaba Cloud since 2015. I worked closely with the Alibaba Product Team to integrate Click2Cloud's migration product and helped enterprise customers for Alibaba Cloud adoption. I also helped Alibaba Cloud with the Hong Kong government smart city project.

Alibaba Cloud gave me an opportunity to work on various technologies and offered me a way to build my zeal with cloud-era technologies exponentially. I worked to build open-source technology for Alibaba Cloud that includes Ansible and Chef Terraform. I also attended various events, summits, conferences, and meetups with the Alibaba Cloud team that showed me the marketplace strategies and how we can lead our business growth in the cloud world. I hosted and participated at multiple events, such as Hackathon and Innovation Parva, to help improve Alibaba Cloud's visibility.

Some of my achievements with Alibaba Cloud are listed below:

  1. I shared an idea about scaling businesses globally at the Alibaba Cloud Summit in Beijing.
  2. I had a great kick-off meeting with Alibaba Group's leadership. During that meeting, all the leaders and technical team discussed the upcoming road map and new opportunities for different domains, such as data center, banking industry, healthcare, and Nagpur global cloud computing growth.
  3. I had a great start with Alibaba Cloud at the Apsara Conference. We discussed the community banking and cloud combinations for farmers and the micro-finance system.
  4. My teammates and I along were selected among the top 20 innovators globally by Alibaba Cloud. Then, we launched our fully automated CloudsBrain to help with cloud migration with Alibaba Cloud.

Wrapping Up

All of my hard work and effort led to me becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP. I must give a special thank you note to the Alibaba Team and my company teammates for always being so supportive and helpful. This platform adds responsibility to my career and makes me more enthusiastic about the tech world.

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