Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Matthew Chin

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Matthew Chin

This short article introduces the CTO of W Tech Group in Malaysia and an Alibaba Cloud MVP.

By Matthew Chin, Alibaba Cloud MVP


As the Chief Technology Officer of W Tech Group in Malaysia, I bring a wealth of experience in software engineering, consulting, and management. Over the past nine years, I have worked in a variety of roles that have allowed me to develop expertise in web development, application development, mobile development, blockchain development, cloud computing, and cloud security.

At W Tech, my primary responsibility is providing our customers with the best cloud solutions to meet their needs, focusing on IoT. My team and I are working tirelessly to improve the efficiency of software development, staying up to date with emerging technologies, and providing innovative solutions to our clients.

My Journey with Alibaba Cloud

I had a fantastic experience with Alibaba Cloud. I was first impressed by their dedicated account manager that helped me resolve urgent issues at the time. I had to design a microservices architecture with a budget, and the manager helped me connect with a solution architect to ensure my design was secure and reliable. She also helped me plan the budget. From that moment, I loved Alibaba Cloud. It helped me learn a lot about cloud infrastructure and reliable and secure architecture, which contributed significantly to my professional life. It also helped me learn how to plan and present the perfect budget to my clients.

After that, I worked closely with Alibaba Cloud and had the opportunity to share my experiences and feelings at the Alibaba Cloud Apsara Conference 2019 in Hangzhou, China. It was my first time there, and I gained a lot of new insights, including how advanced technology can be, how brilliant the AI-powered city is, and how fast the processing power is. I also started to explore more of Alibaba Cloud's products and services. I took different certification examinations and gained most of them, such as ACA and ACP for cloud computing, ACP for DevOps, ACA for Big Data, and more. The certification provided me with recognition and helped me build my professional career.

During that time, I collaborated closely with the local team, attended events, and shared my experiences as a guest speaker. Together, we recorded a promotional video for the Alibaba Cloud MVP program to raise awareness and encourage more people to join this vibrant community. As someone passionate about technology, I'm always seeking out new products and learning about the latest solutions so I can provide the best services to my clients. For example, I'm grateful for Alibaba Cloud Container Services (ACS), which helped me set up reliable and scalable architectures for my clients. I've also established a CI/CD workflow that streamlines coding, testing, building, and deployment on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure, saving my team and me a great deal of time on repetitive tasks. Today, my team is equipped with cloud knowledge and utilizes all the Alibaba Cloud services when developing our systems. Whether it's Object Storage Services (OSS) as our main storage solution, Apsara RDS for our multiple environment database needs, Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR) for system image registries, or Max Compute for computing massive IoT data sets, we have the tools we need to deliver top-notch results for our clients.

Wrapping Up

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable support I have received from the Alibaba Team throughout my learning and sharing journey. The exceptional assistance from the local and HQ teams has enabled me to become an integral part of a larger community, which has been immensely gratifying.

Being a member of the esteemed MVP Community has been a significant advantage, providing me with the confidence and skill enhancement required to contribute effectively to the community. As my ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone is cloud-ready, I am confident that with the unyielding support of the Alibaba Team, we can realize this vision in Malaysia and worldwide.

Gone are the days when obtaining knowledge about technology required substantial financial investment. The global availability, continuous innovation, and extensive training resources offered by the Alibaba Cloud Platform have made it possible for anyone to learn and develop new skills. I strongly encourage others to join this thriving community, take advantage of the extensive knowledge-sharing opportunities, and share their experiences. Let’s strive to make the world more cloud-ready!

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Kidd Ip May 28, 2023 at 7:14 am

Great sharing, thank you very much!

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