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Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Calvin Chin

This article is an introduction to Alibaba Cloud MVP, Calvin Chin.


Hi! My name is Calvin Chin and I am an Alibaba Cloud MVP.

My daily work routines consist of developing and designing enterprise-scale systems on multiple platforms (such as Windows Service, Desktop Application, Web Application, Mobile Application, and Smart Device), researching new technologies that can unlock the business potential to the fullest, managing IT projects, attending meetings and other IT tasks.

I have a deep interest in Information Technology, especially Automation, Internet of Things, and Cloud Technology.



I’m starting my career as a software developer. It’s my dream job since I was in middle school.

During my middle school days, I ran into Blogger, which is something similar to WordPress. At that time, I was very happy to find a website builder that comes with a domain (blogspot.com) because that saved me some domain and hosting fees. I created my website using a template available for free on the internet and try to tweak some of the code. My first blog was about technology tutorials. Starting from that, my interest in coding increased significantly and I started to learn how to code and build my own software.

After that, I enrolled in a local high school with a concentration in software development. At that time, there is physics class and it is unexpectedly fun because the teacher taught the students how to create a Thermometer using an Arduino board. That was my first project that involves devices and sensors and that makes me feel very proud. Later on, the physics teacher shared many knowledge about the possibility to integrate devices, humans, software, cloud, and many more into one ecosystem. That really motivates me to learn more about industrial software development.

My First Encounter with Alibaba Cloud

My interest in Cloud Technology rose when I work intensively with machines and devices in one of our client's factories. I’m aware of a technology that has been a trending topic for the past few years among developers, which is Internet of Things (IoT) which is capable to collect and share data among devices through internet, and I found that Cloud is one of the aspects that is required in order to create a successful IoT environment. I used my night time to study and learn more about the cloud and I found out about Alibaba Cloud. Actually, there were many cloud solutions out there, but I’m interested to Alibaba Cloud because I was overwhelmed by Alibaba Cloud’s performance which can match heavy workload and large transactions in AliExpress, especially in e-commerce events like 11.11.

Starting from that, I spare some of my time to learn Alibaba Cloud one by one hoping that I can build a system that is capable of handling large transactions. There are many ways that I have done to learn Alibaba Cloud products, for example: attending Alibaba Cloud webinar, trainings, and taking Alibaba Cloud certification. Most of my certifications in IT comes from Alibaba Cloud and I’m thinking to take another one soon to prove my knowledge in cloud.

My first purchase on Alibaba Cloud was their domain. It was a simple domain for learning, and I enjoyed my time browsing its clean user interface. Later on, I started to use other Alibaba Cloud solutions such as SAS, ECS, and more. At my work, I’m slowly transitioning our client’s project to Alibaba Cloud because I believe that Alibaba Cloud has the most advanced technology that can support our business.

Working with Alibaba Cloud Solution

I have worked with Alibaba Cloud solutions to accomplish several projects. Most of the projects are about web application that is capable to monitor machines and devices status in real time, control devices, and send command remotely to the device. The web application also comes with analytical features such as the Overall Equipment Effectiveness metrix, the detailed view on the machine cycle time, down time, running time, utilization percentage, etc. However, due to confidentiality reasons, it’s quite sad that I can’t share the detailed information here as one is not allowed to disclose any information related to the project more than this.

I also have my personal projects with Alibaba Cloud which is called Arsen Cloud. I love to share information regarding technology, and I created this personal blog to support my hobby. The blog posts are mainly written in Bahasa Indonesia to help fellow Indonesian to be able to understand the content better. It focuses on discussion about Alibaba Cloud solution and shares some tutorials on how to do something in Alibaba Cloud. For your information, Arsen comes from an Ancient Greek word, which means “male”, “manly”, “masculine”, “virile” or “strong” (“arsenikós/ἀρσενικός” or “ársēn/ἄρσην”), while Cloud is a term for Cloud Technology. I hope that Arsen Cloud can be the first destination for its reader, especially Indonesians, that helps fellow developers to have a strong cloud knowledge in this cloud era. This blog used Alibaba Cloud solutions such as domain, SAS, and more.


Being elected as Alibaba Cloud MVP means a lot to me, and I’m very proud to be one of the Alibaba Cloud global community. I gained many benefits and access to Alibaba Cloud resources that can help me learn more and more about Alibaba Cloud, and it also allows me to share information related to Alibaba Cloud with my friends and clients. In addition to those benefits, I am also given the opportunity to contribute more to the community by becoming a guest speaker in Alibaba Cloud webinar.

Last but not least, as an Alibaba Cloud MVP with multiple resources and support from Alibaba Cloud, I’m planning to help businesses and our clients in Indonesia to accomplish their work and actively use Alibaba Cloud solutions without having to invest in several expensive hardware.

To begin with, I will be taking the lead to gradually migrate all of our new and existing services to Alibaba Cloud and encourage our existing and potential customers to use Alibaba Cloud as the back-end to support their business as I believe that Alibaba Cloud will fit any kinds of business model.

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Alibaba Cloud MVP

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