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Alibaba Cloud MVP Story: Bruno Delb

This article is an introduction to Alibaba Cloud MVP, Bruno Delb.

My name is Bruno Delb. I’m an Alibaba Cloud MVP DevOps coach based in Paris. Passionate about new technologies, I’m an advocate of DevOps, the cloud, and Agile cultures. I write articles on my blog site, DevOpsTestLab.com. On my Medium account, I create video courses and books. The latest book, Alibaba Cloud Guide, was published in September 2021.


I am also passionate about cooking. I find in cooking many similarities with software development, but in the end, we produce something that gives happiness. So, I decided to invest some time to get an official cooking diploma during my free time, just to improve my skills and for personal satisfaction.

The Cloud and Lean Culture

As a former web and mobile developer with experience as an Agile coach, I’m currently a DevOps coach with expertise in the cloud. My vision is a global approach to the problems of companies for the product lifecycle, from design to run through build. For example, the objective of Design Thinking is to build the right product, the objective of Agile is to develop a value-added solution faster by optimizing customer satisfaction, the objective of DevOps is to build a quality product faster, and the objective of SRE is to guarantee the availability of the product.

Alibaba Cloud helps address the issues in each of these phases and approaches: the ease of creating resources to create MVPs (for design), the ease of creating development, test, or POC environments (for build), the ease of setting up CI/CD pipelines and monitoring (for DevOps and SRE). My conviction is that change cannot be made simply by decreeing the implementation of changes. It is necessary to accompany and (above all) spread the culture of change. In addition, many subjects are at the border of different skills, different teams, each with its own field of competence. For example, the subject of security is logically managed by the security team, too often in silo mode. However, this team will generally tend to focus on the subjects it masters, such as the execution of pentests. However, the development team should be fully involved in this topic since the coding of the application must respect security principles (security by design), and the developed functionalities must be validated from a security point of view. Therefore, this is a subject for Agility, but also and above all for Craftmanship. We can see that the boundaries between skills must be reduced. The cloud helps abolish these boundaries by making IT resources and services accessible to all teams. Security is just one of these many topics.

My Journey with Alibaba Cloud

Being passionate about China for years, I follow the innovations in products and services that take place in China with interest, which are a great source of inspiration. During a two-month vacation in Hangzhou, the city where Alibaba Cloud is headquartered, I decided to take a closer look at Alibaba's Cloud offering.

Then, I decided to migrate my personal blog dedicated to DevOps and Agile to Alibaba Cloud. This was my first concrete project with Alibaba Cloud, and it went smoothly. Concretely, my blog is based on the static blog framework Hexo. I use a CI/CD pipeline from GitLab to create web resources from Markdown resources in the GitLab repository. This transformation is done by a Docker image I created integrating Hexo. The deployment is done in an OSS bucket via another Docker image I created by integrating the Aliyun CLI. The files generated in this bucket are distributed by Alibaba Cloud CDN.

Another project, still in progress, is to create a Terraform video training with the Aliyun provider. Terraform is a great tool for the Infra-as-Code approach. This training covers many concepts: VPC, RAM, ECS, RDS, S3, CDN, API Gateway, Container Registry, Function Compute.

As a former mobile developer, I continue to develop in Flutter as a hobby. I launched an MVP website about France (culture, gastronomy, tourism, language, etc.). It is developed in Flutter, but it is hosted on Alibaba Cloud OSS and CDN for the web and. The next step is to use Alibaba Cloud Mobile Platform as a Service (mPaaS) to propose a mobile version.

My Book – Alibaba Cloud Guide

Then, I decided to write a book entitled Alibaba Cloud Guide. This one deals with VPC, RAM, ECS, scaling, NAT Gateway, load balancers, OSS, CDN, Apsara RDS, DNS, Cloud Monitor, Container Registry, and Anti-DDOS services. It provides a service guide, providing key information to know and many screenshots.

This book was published first in French. I hope it will be the first brick of a French community on Alibaba Cloud.


Wrapping Up

The writing of this book required a significant investment from me. I can't count the weekends and nights I spent working on it. For me, becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP is recognition for all my work. The associated benefits will allow me to complete this book of services, go beyond sharing, and launch an active French-speaking Alibaba Cloud community.

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