Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Miguel Teheran

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Miguel Teheran

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud MVP Miguel Teheran, explains his journey, and how he benefits from it.

By Miguel Teheran, Alibaba Cloud MVP


I have been working as a software developer for the last 13 years. Currently, I am working as a Tech Leader at SoftServe. I love to work with communities and tech events and create digital content about software development. After all of my efforts helping communities and creating digital content (such as articles, videos, and guides), I got MVP recognition from different tech companies and communities.

My Journey with Alibaba Cloud

In 2021, I was looking to try new cloud providers and other cloud services to explore alternatives in the market and learn about new technologies. Then, I found the Alibaba Cloud MVP program. It was a great opportunity to use my content creation skills to explore and gain recognition.

Alibaba Cloud MVPs in 2021 – The 15th Batch

I have been Alibaba Cloud MVP since 2021. I create videos and articles in English and Spanish. My content helped many people in Latam become interested in Alibaba Cloud. The main services I explore include Function Compute (FC), Virtual Machines (VM), and Object Storage Service (OSS). I plan to create content about DevOps tools and automation services in Alibaba Cloud.

Previously, I created a Facebook group in Spanish to share articles and technical guides about Alibaba Cloud. In 2021, I had the opportunity to organize Alibaba Cloud Community Day in Spanish, where other Alibaba Cloud MVPs shared ideas and demos about cloud services.

Alibaba Cloud Community Day in Spanish Flier

At the moment, I don't have professional experience with Alibaba Cloud (in real projects), but I want to start a new project from scratch using their cloud services and tools.

Closing Words

I am glad to be a part of the Alibaba community and share my knowledge with other developers to create amazing content and improve the experience. My mission as an Alibaba Cloud MVP is to create useful resources for all the user and developer communities. I want to share my knowledge and use all the benefits I have as an MVP to help others.


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