Community Blog Story of Alibaba Cloud MVP: Sai Sarath Chandra

Story of Alibaba Cloud MVP: Sai Sarath Chandra

What is it like to be an Alibaba Cloud MVP? As one of the pioneers of the MVP program, Sai Sarath Chandra shares his recent experiences of visiting China.

As an Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Sai Sarath Chandra has already hosted 9 Techshows in India. Sai started learning Chinese to communicate with Chinese developers and experts, as well as to better understand Alibaba Cloud's culture. By establishing strong connections with Alibaba Cloud, Sai was invited to visit China for The Computing Conference 2018 in Hangzhou, the biggest cloud computing conference in China. This was his first visit to China; he not only spent a wonderful week with the team at Alibaba Cloud but also learned a lot about China's economy and culture. Because of Sai's positive reputation within the cloud industry, he successfully landed a job as a Cloud Architect in India.

Now let's take a look at Sai's MVP journey.

Story of Alibaba Cloud MVP: Sai Sarath Chandra

As an MVP, I had the opportunity to conduct MVP Techshows across India. When I first started out, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Hosting a meetup like Techshow requires finding people with similar interests, as well as grouping and identifying their needs regarding technology. Over time, hosting Techshows became more natural for me; the benefits of hosting Techshows far outweigh all challenges associated with it. So far I have conducted and attended 9 Techshows in the past year, and I am planning a few more in the current year.

It is always a great experience for me in MVP Techshows as there is a lot of information exchange regarding the businesses needs of the audience, all coming from different backgrounds. Even when I am hosting a Techshow, I get to learn a lot from the participants through brainstorming various solutions and sharing suggestions for improvement to both end users and Alibaba Cloud. As always, the Alibaba Cloud team is very active and willing to learn through the connect platform (connect.alibabacloud.com). Users can simply provide suggestions and the Alibaba Cloud team will immediately take these issues into consideration and possibly fix them.

The first event hosted by Alibaba Cloud that I attended was the MVP Global Summit, an event in which Alibaba Cloud MVPs from across the globe get together to share ideas in various industries and technologies. Because of this opportunity, I managed to grow my professional connections and build a positive reputation in the cloud industry. I also learned about how active the Alibaba Cloud MVP program is in China and internationally. There were also some new products exclusively launched and explained in the MVP Global Summit.

When I visited Hangzhou for The Computing Conference 2018, it was my first visit to China. I really enjoyed it, people are very welcoming despite the language and cultural barrier. At The Computing Conference, I met so many tech-savvy people who are working towards cutting-edge solutions for a greater cause. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to present on the forum, "Growing operating margin with Serverless Computing". The Alibaba Cloud team planned it very well with live interpreters to overcome any language barriers.

The Computing Conference 2018 is the biggest conference I have attended so far. The conference itself stretched across multiple days to discuss and display about different innovations, solutions, achievements. There was so much information for a person to digest. Despite the scale, the conference was very well organized. I am glad to experience first-hand the innovative technologies developed by Alibaba Group. In particular, I was impressed with the delivery and logistics system by CAINIAO and the cashless payment gateway powered by ANT Financial. As an icing on the cake, the MVP Booth Tour was fabulous. It was nice talking to so many leaders from other Alibaba Technology Partners including Red Hat, openSUSE, Jet Brains, and Fortinet. It gave me a deeper understanding of the changes that these companies are bringing on to the society through their partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

I am actively looking forward to attending both the MVP Global Summit and The Computing Conference in 2019. It would be great if I could converse in Chinese better this time around as this will enable me to communicate with people without any language barriers to understand, improve, and experience the advancements which are happening in China. I am very excited to learn the most used language in the world and let the world know about Alibaba Cloud.

To learn more about the Alibaba Cloud MVP program, visit https://mvp.alibabacloud.com/

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Raja_KT February 10, 2019 at 5:42 pm

Great going and keep posting.

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