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Meet other like-minded startups and benefit from Alibaba Cloud's global ecosystem

Your company may be eligible if it

  • Is registered outside of Mainland China
  • Has been officially registered for no more than 5 years.
  • Has not yet been publicly listed.
  • Has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 USD.
  • Has a clear business model, innovative products and the potential to grow.
  • Has not participated in the Create@Alibaba Cloud program before
  • Has already joined an incubator/accelerator/co-working space and received angel investment.

Priority is given to companies which are

  • A member of one of Create@Alibaba Cloud’s partners.
  • Not yet customers of Alibaba Cloud.


  • Q: How can I apply to the program?

    Click on the "Apply Now" button on the current page and submit your application online. You will receive an auto-reply email once your application has been submitted successfully.
    Please note that only registered companies can apply for this program, and in the process of the application you will need to upload a copy of your business registration and the business plan of your company, which we suggest you to prepare in advance. If you are not an Alibaba Cloud user, the application page will direct you to first register an account. Please select the account type as “Enterprise”. If you have an existing personal account, the system will remind you to upgrade to an Enterprise account in order to continue the application.

  • Q: What will be the next steps after I have submitted the application?

    Our staff will begin the review process after you have successfully submitted your application. We may contact you during this time, in order to better understand your business, check relevant information, and arrange your credit level. The whole process usually takes 1-2 weeks.
    After the review, you will receive a system email notification and a voucher will be automatically credited to your account. You can check for the voucher by navigating to: Console > Billing Management > Coupon Management.

  • Q: How do I contact you during the review process?

    You can note down the contact details of the account manager who contacted you during the review, or contact us at:
    1. Sending an email to
    2. Submit a “work order” via the console
    Please be sure to include the information of your company name, your country, and describe in detail the issue at hand. We also recommend you provide a screenshot to illustrate any problems that you may have.

  • Q: Can I still resubmit after the review fails?

    If your application is unsuccessful based on a lack of information, then yes you are welcome to supplement submission information. You will need to complete the missing application information and submit again. (As the information you previously submitted is recorded in our application system, there’s no need to fill that information again).
    If your application failed because you did not qualify for the program requirements, it is not recommended that you re-apply again in the short-term. You may re-apply at a later stage once your business development meets our requirements.

  • Q: What products and services can the startup credits apply for?

    The startup credits can be used for purchasing most of the products and services sold by Alibaba Cloud on, including both subscription and Pay-As-You-Go products. There are several exceptions, such as the "Starter Package" and "Cloud Web Hosting Package", the products and services sold on Marketplace, and a small number of products that cannot be purchased via coupon. For products which are currently on sale, refer to the purchase instructions on the product campaign page.

  • Q: There are different levels of credits, what are the differences and how can I apply for them?

    We will choose the suitable credit plan for you according to your innovation capacity, growth potential and cloud resource requirements. Meanwhile you may wish to check with your incubator/accelerator/VCs who has signed a specific contract with Alibaba Cloud regarding what credit plan you can apply for.

  • Q: How can I receive your support on entering the Chinese market?

    Alibaba Cloud naturally has strong expertise in doing business in China, but we will first need to understand your current situation and detailed requests, to see how we are able to support. Please send your detailed information to We will ask our local account manager to contact you.

  • Q: How can I participate in your offline activities?

    We can arrange offline workshops and events together with our startup partners, such as incubators, accelerators, VCs and co-working spaces. You can check the events schedule from our local contact or our partners.
    - For large-scale conference and startup contests, we will publish the schedule in advance on our website, and you can apply accordingly.

  • Q: How can I join the co-branding campaigns with Alibaba Cloud?

    We will select startups with unique innovative technology, fast business growth, and huge industry impact to co-brand with. You can also contact our local office or to discuss further.

  • Q: What are the local specialized projects and how can I apply to them?

    The local specialized projects are only available for startups registered in appointed countries/regions. You can select “apply for local specialization” on the application form for Create@Alibaba Cloud, or contact your account manager for help.

  • Q: I want to be your partner. How do I contact you?

    Please check the partner page for details.

  • Q: How do I find the contact details of the Alibaba Cloud account manager in my country/region?

    Please send an email to, with the following information and we will request for a local account manager to contact you.
    - Your company name
    - Short introduction of your business
    - Your contact details
    - The country your company is registered in.

  • Q: What are the details of the South-east Asia’s free CDN support program?

    This program is provided by Conversant Solutions Pte Ltd ( with the supporting resources of USD $3,000 coupon to purchase the SwiftServe CDN product with validity of 1 year; 1 year free consultancy; opportunity to be displayed on our official website, take part in offline events and take advantage of the rich resources of the telecommunications industry in South-east Asia.