"115 Technology chose to migrate its data and business to Alibaba Cloud to reduce O&M costs. The serverless architecture provides 115 Technology with the features of event-driven programming, O&M-free service, and auto scaling."

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About 115 Technology

Guangdong 115 Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights. Since its inception, 115 Technology has been focused on providing cloud storage solutions. One of its core products, 115, formerly known as 115 Drive, is among the first cloud disks that are developed by Chinese companies.


115 Technology migrated more than 100 PB of data to Alibaba Cloud within 45 days. At the time of the migration, it was one of the largest public cloud migration ever implemented in the Internet industry. After the migration, 115 Technology needed to find an efficient way process the data as well as new data. Since every user visit generates large number of logs, the company needed a solution to compress, convert, and process the logs efficiently. 115 Technology needed an elastic and highly available log processing system to minimize manual O&M.

Why Alibaba Cloud

115 Technology needed to integrate its serverless architecture with Log Service and Object Storage Service (OSS) to maximize the advantages of cloud migration. This way, the log processing system of 115 Technology can scale resources in a timely manner based on data volume and reduce manual O&M as much as possible.


A serverless architecture can satisfy 115 Technology with the features of event-driven programming, O&M-free service, and auto scaling. 115 Technology uses the LogHub feature of Log Service to store logs and uses Function Compute to process logs. When log streams are written to Log Service, the functions customized by 115 Technology are triggered to process the logs. After that, the logs will be stored in databases or OSS after they are compressed and converted based on business rules.

Looking Forward

"By adopting the cloud infrastructure provided by Alibaba Cloud, 115 Technology can focus on top-level design and provide better products and services." said Liu Rui, General Manager of 115 Technology. "After the data and business migration to Alibaba Cloud, the O&M costs of 115 Technology have been reduced. This way, 115 Technology can explore options that were deemed impossible before." In the future, 115 Technology intends to promote its strategic layout in various fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), further develop its cloud ecosystem, and adopt the leading AI and natural language processing technologies of Alibaba Cloud. This way, 115 Technology can deliver new growth in cloud storage, communication, and collaboration.