How to choose Alibaba Cloud server configuration?


Alibaba Cloud server configuration selection, which cloud server ECS is the best and most cost-effective? Individual users are recommended to choose ECS shared s6 cloud server, 1-core 2G, 2-core 4G configuration; enterprise users are recommended to choose computing-type c6, general-purpose g6 and other exclusive cloud servers, 4-core 8G, 8-core 16G, 4-core 32G.

1. Alibaba Cloud Server Configuration Selection

Alibaba Cloud server ECS configuration includes CPU memory, public network bandwidth, system disk, and ECS specifications. Similarly, ECS instances with different CPU memory configurations have different CPU main frequency models and performance.

• Cloud server payment model

Alibaba Cloud server payment models are divided into subscription, pay-as-you-go, and preemptive instances: subscriptions are purchased for at least 1 month, which is suitable for users who use cloud servers for a long time; pay-as-you-go is used first and then paid, and the fee is settled every hour , suitable for users who use cloud servers for a short time.

• Territory selection

The Alibaba Cloud server region refers to the physical data center where the cloud server is located. The availability zone is an area in which the power and network are independent of each other in the same region. The failure of one availability zone will not affect the normal operation of another availability zone. To build a high-availability architecture for disaster recovery.

• Operating system

This is very simple, we only need to choose the corresponding system according to the program of our website. For example, if the website program is developed by asp or, then generally choose the windows system. If it is developed by php language, then generally choose Centos system, of course, we can also use the mirror market.

• Select bandwidth

Generally, the number of visits to a website is not very large. For example, if there are only two or three hundred people at most per day, it is recommended to choose a bandwidth of about 3M. Here, the key point is that if our website has a high number of visits during special time periods every day, we can Choose pay-as-you-go, so that our website will not experience website access failures due to insufficient bandwidth.

In addition, some enterprise customer websites will concentrate on the explosive growth of visits in a certain period of time (usually when the website is promoted or the enterprise is doing activities, etc.), then we can add temporary bandwidth to the server later, which can save us Cost, but whether it's pay-as-you-go or adding temporary bandwidth.

• Data disk and storage system disk

The system disk must be selected, and the data disk is optional. The system disk can be selected from high-efficiency cloud disk, SSD cloud disk, and ESSD cloud disk. Different types of cloud disks have different prices and performances.

• Server security group settings

When purchasing an Alibaba Cloud server, the security group can be set directly at the time of purchase, or it can be set after purchase (including the remote connection password of the server). The security group is similar to a firewall function. The cloud server port is opened or disabled by setting the security group. Yes, it can also be modified after the subsequent cloud server is created, so the default is generally sufficient.

2. Description of cloud server configuration selection for enterprise users

The production environment of enterprise users has high requirements for the computing performance of the cloud server CPU. It is recommended to choose the exclusive enterprise-level ECS type, such as ECS computing type c7, general-purpose g6, memory type, big data type, local SSD, high frequency type or GPU Instances, etc., shared cloud servers such as ECS shared s6, shared n4, burst performance t5 or t6 are not recommended.

Enterprise system disk selection: Alibaba Cloud server system disk types are divided into high-efficiency cloud disks, SSD cloud disks, and ESSD cloud disks. Different types of cloud disks have different performances. Generally speaking, the active machine is configured with high-efficiency cloud disks by default. Enterprise users can choose SSD cloud disks or ESSD cloud disks. Compared with public network bandwidth and CPU memory costs, system disk or data disk storage costs are lower.

3. Alibaba Cloud personal user cloud server selection method

Individual user system disk selection: Alibaba Cloud server system disk types are divided into high-efficiency cloud disks, SSD cloud disks, and ESSD cloud disks. Different types of cloud disks have different performances. Regarding the selection of the system disk capacity, the default high-efficiency cloud disk is sufficient. If the storage is not enough, you can mount another data disk.

The above configuration is suitable for application scenarios with less than 2,000 daily visits:

Build websites: corporate websites, small programs, e-commerce, private cloud disks, small databases, tests, etc.

Develop application software: mysql, matlab, GitHub, deploy web applications, tomact, ftp, Oracle, vpn, etc.

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